Six saucy women led Campbell astray up the white sandy path amongst masses of wildflowers.  The variety was awesome, we even found different carnivore plants actually devouring insects as we watched.  Then spotted a tall mum with joey on board who waited and watched for a while before pounding off.

Teased by glimpses of the sea as we approached Snapper Headland, then suddenly we were on the beach.  We clambered to a vantage point to watch a whale lolling about as many seas birds feasted, must have been a large school of delectable fish.  Honeyeaters, swallows and many other birds flitted about with one eagle posing for us.

After lunch by the seaside three went swimming … we debated the return trip and adventure won out.  Why do the sensible thing taking the trail over the headland when we could rock hop and wave prance with the high tide.  A few got wet feet but we emitted lots of giggles as we relived our youth playing with the sea. A flock of birds huddled on the beach as we regretfully turned toward the car park.

Another pleasant meander with amazing photo opportunities and good company in the great outdoors