Friday Fun – vastness

spaciousness or vastness often opens our minds
especially if we are feeling tightness or fear

this photo shouts vastness to me ….
vastness of the ocean and vastness of the sky
with that line of land alluding to more

post a photo, write a verse, get creative on what vastness means to you
link it back here to share with others


  1. A poem of mine that was recently published by Red Wolf Journal, in their “Journeying” anthology.

    “The Universe and My Backyard”

    Outside alone, stoically I stand
    Old toes gripping into cold sand
    Here my lawn cover is sparse
    But I see the universe in a blade of grass

    Under my feet I feel our planet’s ground
    Above I see a grey sky swirling around
    As the sun hides behind trees and clouds
    And my backyard garden grows lush and proud

    Inside, I’m surrounded by a world of sound
    Old fingers typing a rhyme of words yet to be found
    As the studio rhythm inspires my pen to speak
    And my writers haven is where dreams flow vivid and sweet

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  2. Every time I step on the beach and waves just crash on my feet, I feel connected to the whole world.
    Especially if you consider that there are no man made geographical boundaries in the oceans. It’s just one gigantic pool of water.

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