flat chested from my double mastectomy
at last people can see my face
large bazookers caused so much disgrace

grabbed, leered at, people were obsessed
never needed that kind of attention
so cancer levelled that pretension

gained sixteen kilos from the treatment
gone was the slim young thing
yet now with contentment I sing

still alive and continue to thrive
with a stable income and home
life is good, no need to roam


d’Verse, self portrait, Sarah


  1. You’ve added humor to something that many women dread and fear. Pardon me….but I feel I must write fucancer! And you’ve done it. This is such a positive affirming statement. If anyone of your readers is facing breast cancer, they will find hope and affirmation and joy here. Just a wonderful post!

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  2. I read this on your comment to murisopsis,Kate .
    I am sorry to read this , but you are a courageous fighter. What is the treatement after the surgery?
    I wish you courage .
    Love ❤
    ps :a kidney has bee taken out from Janine ( for a cancer ) in 1998 and some years later a cancerous node at a breast. Since then no problem.

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  3. The saying, ‘health is wealth’, is so true. Feeling good and being healthy is the most wonderful thing. Your poem does ‘sing’ with the pure joy and contentment of being alive. We need to enjoy our lives and celebrate! Because you have come through a difficult passage, you better understand that the gift of health is a treasure, and one to appreciate.

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  4. Continue to thrive, Continue to live! You are a cancer warrior and I am so proud of you. Blessings for your continued good health and stay positive as you always have been for others.

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  5. Powerful, encouraging, smile-bringing poem! Your attitude is wonderful and contagious! You are like the brightness of the moon bursting through a bank of dark clouds on a cold winter night! 🙂
    I can relate to your poem. I’m almost 5 years on the other side of my cancer and so grateful and honored to be alive! 🙂
    We WILL keep thriving, SweetKate! 🙂
    PS…when a dear friend of mine had breast cancer…she said, about her breasts, “Well, I wasn’t using them for anything anymore.” 🙂

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  6. Wow. How women are objectified, so that no one sees beyond the ‘large bazookers.’ How powerful the lines: never needed that kind of attention/so cancer levelled that pretension. This is such a brave and honest self-portrait. So pleased to hear that you are thriving 😊

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  7. A powerful poem, Kate, so honest, defiant and inspirational. This line makes a great motto: ‘still alive and continue to thrive’. Thank you for sharing your poem and your experience.

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  8. I love your positive attitude about the physical changes you endured dealing with breast cancer. My cousin and grandmother both didn’t do reconstructive surgery either. They both said didn’t feel the need, much like you. More power to you and your contentment! Also – love “bazookers” – that must be as Australian as “cuppa”. 😁❤️

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    • it might be … but even if it’s a new word I think most will get the meaning … too big for cups!

      I like not having to wear a bra or have mammograms anymore, quite liberating!

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