raw rugged coastline

inviting sandy beaches

nature surrounds us


  1. Kate, that is an awesome beach…so much drama with the rocky hills surrounding the beach.! Florida coasts are pretty flat! Our beaches are lovely too, though not as dramatic.

    Your haiku is so expressive, a great companion to your beautiful photo! Take care, Cheryl ❤

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  2. Do you happen to live by the beach? I can’t help but notice that most of your pictures are of the beach, if so, lucky, lucky you 🙂

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  3. Which beach is it? I keep,forgetting where you are.

    We have a place down south in Murramarang National Park which looks very similar. Still a bit cold for the beach, though. Nudist or otherwise.

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  4. Nature is soothingly beautiful, like your poem, and looking into the deep of the water is interesting because your imagination tells you the passage of time and life.
    best regards

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