gnarled and knotted over time

age and experience entwine

embracing imperfections

knowing life is a challenge

we mellow over time

so light and dark entwine

nobody is perfect

yet we rise to the challenge

nature captures our turmoil

mirrors it back

but we are survivors

hope and love never lack

life is treasures and turmoil

but when we have each others back

we can thrive rather than just survive

gratitude keeps us on track!

d’Verse, open link night, Grace


  1. Right on, SweetKate!!! Your poem is an uplifter, a smile-bringer, a joy-giver!
    Gratitude is the key!
    Oh, even as Human-Beans get more well-seasoned…possibly bent, knobbly, twisted…there is still beauty in each season/stage of our lives. No matter how life has treated us, we can still shine from within! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Nice one, Kate. Those commenting previously express the full range of my sentiments, so yeah, what they typed.

    These aren’t scars, but character. Keep the healthy sap (positivity) flowing and all sorts of interesting and beautiful twists burst forth.

    A few evenings ago I was watching the late Bob Ross (a painting instructor here in the States) and he said something that meshes nicely with your poem. Regarding painting trees – maybe not an exact quote, but close – he commented, “I like to give some trees knots and turns. I have to believe not all of them are destined to become telephone poles.”

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  3. Life is most definitely a challenge! ❤️ There are times when we find ourselves standing at a crossroad 🙂 it is then that we pay heed to instinct and strive to remain just.

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  4. I like comparing us to gnarled trees, light and shadow intertwined, as well as the acknowledgement and acceptance of it. It removes a draining burden, which gives energy to support each other. You’re so right, Kate. {{{Hugs}}}

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  5. Beautiful and timely message, Kate. Accompanied by a fabulous photo. I love your words, planting roots of peace and harmony.

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