Thirteen daredevils finally found Black Rocks, a challenge in itself involving a lengthy dirt road.  Another sunny day, Campbell certainly has a direct connection to ensure ideal weather conditions for his hikes!  We set off on nine kilometres of strolling, wading, scrambling across sand, through surf, up and down coffee rocks.  With the gentle sound of waves and birds soothing us along the jaunt. 


Morning tea by the sea and lunch on the river, then back along a well defined track.  So sunny the mud had dried so it made walking and wildflower spotting easy.  Flannel flowers, purple violets, buttercups, bush orchids and many other natives. I heard many birds but only spotted a few oystercatchers with their fluffy little chicks. Good company, good conversation plus an hilarious ozzie poem.


avid explorers

hike bolsters immunity

laughing all the way

d’Verse, hike haibun, Frank T – photo is flannel flowers


  1. Australia is truly a land of wonders, its flora and mammals cut off from continents before recorded history. We got lots of lava beds, but no coffee rocks.

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  2. Beautiful, Kate! Both in your snaps of some of what you saw, as well as in your lyrical descriptions. These allow us to fill in the blanks for everything else.

    Now, mind you, this is based on exactly zero (“0”) years at medical school, but I do believe positivity is the best vaccine we have right now. Stay happy, engaged, curious and delighted, and you won’t give the virus much to work with here. Not a surefire immunity, perhaps, but maybe your sunshine makes the virus retreat from its seemingly-relentless march.

    Indeed, you’ve sent a healthy dose around the world. Much obliged, Dr. Kate!

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  3. YAY for the hike, the company, the flowers, the creatures, the laughter!!! 🙂
    If we promise to behave, will you take us along on your next hike via photos and poems?! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…What is the difference between a haiku and a haibun? I don’t know, and I know I could google it…but you will explain it better than Mr. Google! 🙂
    PPS or PSS…Guess What!? WP switched me over in the dark of the night 😦 and the post I put up yesterday was my first attempt after the changes.

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    • lol you’re braver than me Carolyn! I will use that back door as long as I can 🙂

      The beauty of the walks is that I write them up for the group anyway and just adapt them for WP … their newsletter editor is chasing me!

      Ok a haibun is supposedly three compact paragraphs ending in a haiku that should be different in content but on topic … does that make sense? Haiku is just the 5/7/5 syllable

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  4. Hiking with friends and flower spotting – sounds wonderful. My walks are mainly on my own at the moment. I’m waiting for a local walking group to start up again.

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