Friday Fun – healing

What heals you, brings you back into balance,
makes you feel whole and wholesome?

for me it’s a combination of meditation, nature and logophiling 

Share what repairs your tears, your scars, heals your wounds 

in photos or creative writing, delve deep to help others!

photo is from yesterday’s walk at Bundjalung NP


  1. I’ve had a rough year beyond COVID but also feel I’ve had the maturity, finally, to handle it. A lot of it is being to step back and separate what’s important from what can be taken to the curb. I have an old friend for a prayer partner and a supportive family. Staying in a routine, exercise, eating right, writing–I don’t always do these things, but they definitely help.

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    • great to write that out and stick it somewhere where you can refer back if the need arises … sometimes when we are in the middle of the muddle we neglect what works well for us 🙂

      and also most important to recognise and acknowledge your own resilience for getting thru this!

      Take care and keep healing … prayer and routine are important ❤

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  2. Beautiful, SweetKate!
    It’s always been interesting to me as to what helps people in times of great struggle. And it’s an honor to learn from them and incorporate what they share into my life.
    Like you, I meditate, I get out in nature, I read, I write, I create (making collages), etc. 🙂
    I think doing these things when we can, all year ’round, helps when life takes a bad turn…and the routine of those things, that they are a constant in our lives, is helpful as much or more than the things themselves. 🙂

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    • Yes I think you have a point Carolyn … those that try these things during a crisis, well it’s adapting to something new. Whereas if there is a routine habit already established, there is something very soothing about that. The familiar is always easier ❤

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