noodled nouns

we crabbed along the waterfront

spidered up the coffee rock

spooned around the headland

as the sea dished up a treat

eyelided by the sun

we nosed along the spit

gunned along the shore

as the birds splattered

we seeded our positions

as we distanced by law

searching ways to disable

a dastardly deadly invader


d’Verse, verbalising nouns, Bjorn


  1. Wow, such remarkable, beautiful and even stunning imagery, especially with that twist in theme near the middle to end. WOW!

    These lines were mesmerizing:

    “we crabbed along the waterfront
    spidered up the coffee rock…”

    That’s pure poetry and it creates a beautiful evocative scene at the start of this piece. Very beautiful and impactful work.

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  2. This is both topical and apt, rocking the prompt. You gave us strong poetics that masked your task of showering us with noun/verbs.

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    • no that was Broadwater, today we spidered and crabbed that beach and coffee rock for 9 km at Black Rock in Bundjalung NP! Last week we did the north end and today the south end … next week it will be Iluka 🙂

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  3. Great photo AND poem!
    Wowza! You got to do some of the best verbing to/at some of the best nouns!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…great title, too. I like most noodling…but there is one kind of noodling I won’t try! 😉

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  4. Loved this one Kate!! Splattered by the birds really got me – my mother always said that if a bird “splattered” you it was good luck! Once it happened to her, she wasn’t so sure that was true… but what are the odds? You get hit by a bird and you should go buy a lottery ticket!!!

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  5. “It’s a bird, it’s a plane,…. it’s Superman……”
    “It’s a bird!”


    “Birdie, Birdie in the sky.
    Why’d you do that in my eye?
    Gee, I’m glad that cows can’t fly!”

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