life #quadrille

life is a bummer
when it doesn’t unfold
as we expect
when pandemics
confine us in so
many ways
when we lose those
we love or
health gets complicated
but never forget
it’s another hiccup
for life will pick up
while ever we still breath!

d’Verse, bum x 44 words, De Jackson


  1. Wonderful poem! The photo is awesome also…beautiful place. Life has many twists and turns, but there is always beauty to be found. In the tough times, inspirational poems like this one lift our spirits…it reminds us that better days are coming.

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  2. Plenty to discourage us, Kate.

    Not everything, though. Just once in a while, the sun shines through the clouds. Don’t expect it, of course, but still hope for it nonetheless. This thing can’t gain a foothold where dreams still wander.

    A vaccine and everything-back-to-normal tomorrow? Not likely. Nor is Lockdown Forever, either.

    When the moment comes, and it will, the scale tilts back in our direction, will we be fit to receive it? We will if we retain what makes us human – our hopes, dreams and generosity.

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  3. I truly believe that belief in goodness will prevail. I also believe that science will work out a vaccine soon that will be available to all. Because it is for all that we must be concerned with.

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  4. What an important poem! and thank you for sharing hope, SweetKate! 🙂

    I really do believe those who have passed on would want us to hang onto hope AND they’d want us to live our lives to the fullest. When I pass on, that’s how I will feel…I want others to keep finding the joy, keeping hoping, and keep making a positive difference in the world! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…They layers of nature in your photo make me grin! 🙂

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  5. Life is indeed a bummer, this year especially, but a view like the one in your image does give us time to breathe. I have great sympathy with those who live in cities and get no respite during lockdowns. I like the play on hiccup and breath – like hiccups, we will get over it.

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  6. Beautiful piece, Kate. You grabbed my attention straight away here with:

    “life is a bummer…”

    Indeed it is, and especially even worse with the pandemic. I love your hopeful themes and positivity. This will eventually be overcome and life will find us in different paths that can be best for us and what we need, hopefully. Beautiful piece and writing.

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  7. It has been another tough weekend leading to a tougher week so far. Not looking forward to the Friday funeral for the daughter of a friend and fellow parishioner. She was only 22. I have not lost hope. No matter how many times my legs get swept from under me I’m determined to get up and carry on. Still I can’t help thinking 2021 will be a better year!

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  8. Life is never definite
    Never a straight line
    The planet’s catching Covid
    But me, I’m doing fine
    We’re all here in the tunnel
    But light is at the end
    No-one knows how far it is
    But we can just pretend
    That this is what is normal
    This is how we go
    Wash your hands and wear your mask
    Don’t let your feelings show
    I’ll see you on the other side
    Whatever’s there to see
    Life is just what life becomes
    What will be will be.

    Now don’t lie to me Kate – you were scanning all that looking for the offensive bit, weren’t you?

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  9. I like your long distance prognostication, but tomorrows are hazy as we are forced to play hopscotch on a busy freeway; so for those of us fortunate enough to survive, we will dig it in retrospect.

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