SORRY WP wipeout

WP have switched me to block editor …
they sent an email at the same time as they did it, so NO warning!

I have found another way to post but the fun is waning …


  1. I haven’t used any of the WP editors… and still am not. Email me and I’ll let you know how I’m not using them…

    I’ve been doing things ‘My way for years…’ I don’t do all that much that’s ‘fancy’ and it suits me just fine.

    I even told WP I wasn’t going to use their editors. They keep showing me the notice to use or switch and I keep ignoring it. It’s that simple for me.

    I told WP about their first ‘fix’ when they attempted to add too much space between the lines years ago and worked around that boo-far too.

    I whole heartedly say “Don’t fix it if it’s not Broken!!!” for years on end.

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    • no their email made that very clear … guess they are at the whim of their volunteer geeks who run the show … sadly none of them actually blog so they just sit there all day wondering how to make it more complicated, or so it seems πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh, Kate! Glad to hear you’ll still be around in some capacity, and that you’ve found some workarounds, but why, WP? Why?

    Everything seemed fine last night, but I haven’t logged on yet to WP today, and I worry now about what I’ll find when I do.

    We’ve built so much. On a whim, it seems, WP just dissolves it? Please let this be just a dream. Please, clock alarm, take away this nightmare.

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  3. Uuuuuugh. Stupid blocks. So far I’ve managed to skirt around it by choosing “classic style” when I go to insert a new block. Makes me feel like I have the old system back. Hopefully it will let you try that at least?

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  4. I have no idea why, with so much other stuff going on in the world, Word Press decided that they have to make us learn major changes in how we blog too! If I sound bitter, it’s because I am! LOL

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  5. Oh no Kate!! I’ll really, really miss you on here until it gets fixed 😦 But take a well-deserved break!! Also, maybe I could try and help you fix this? I’ve been using blocks for most of my posts and I can see what I can do?

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  6. Oh no Kate. Please don’t leave us.

    It’s strange but I am still using the old editor and I still use the free plan. I do it as hobby and some times I really have no time to work on it so thought of keeping it like this. I tried shutterstock and yes many of my images are downloaded but i miss the conversation part. So stick to WP for all the fun πŸ™‚

    My problem is I am not able to comment and like someone else’s post if not in reader πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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  7. I haven’t gotten the dreaded e-mail or noticed any changes on my site…yet. But I know it’s coming. 😦 :-/
    WP could’ve waited awhile longer on this…maybe they think 2020 hasn’t been wild enough. 😦

    I’m so sorry to hear this….but I understand. I might end up doing the same thing.

    I was on Xanga blogging site for years, until they basically “forced” all of their subscribers out…long story.
    I checked out a few other blogging sites in 2011-2012 and WP was the best one I found. On one of the blog sites everyone wanted people to comment their blogs but they did not reciprocate and didn’t seem to want to get to know anyone. So, that was not for me.

    (((HUGS))) and ❀

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  8. Hi Kate, yes its a difficult system to master for us older/ageing users of WP…. I’m bumbling my through, and I suppose it’s like everything I do with computers,… I’ll eventually get the hang of it…
    I hope you enjoy your break, and that everything is ok… Cheers, Ivor…

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  9. As I have mentioned on my blog I used msy to start, but will now leave and blog at Blogger at some point and just comment on other WordPress blogs, or my own while posts are open.
    A new blog name to be announced at some point.

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    • I will keep my account open to chat on WordPress and I won’t delete my blog with immediate effect. But when it comes to me writing, it will be at Blogger.
      I have a new name and bi-line there, to this blog.
      My blog won’t change too much there. Just a little in the direction I want to take.

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  10. I liked this post but it really isn’t something to like… I will miss your posts. Please check in on all your followers and let us know how you are doing. Good luck on the life changes (and the block editor too)!

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  11. It is easy once you do a few posts. I did a post writing on Word copy and paste even. They have even made posting photos easier than the original block editor. Don’t give up

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    • thanks Brian, got a bit much on my plate just now to be bothered learning a new system … it will happen eventually but not for a while πŸ™‚

      Shame really as I was enjoying posting some positive fun stuff to help support those still in lockdown 😦

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