they came each Friday
well painted and wigged
garish colours they’d play

their role was to cheer
hospital patients and staff
with their foolish veneer

awesomely funny
song and laughter
resoundingly sunny

our day would lift
as they clowned about
their art a true gift

these healing clowns
based on Patch Adams
who erased many frowns

d’Verse, clown, Lisa – pexel photo


  1. You’re spot-on, Kate, it does take a special soul to be light and cheerful, especially amidst what is, too often, overwhelming angst and sadness. Even I’d be able to raise a smile in a toy store, but in a hospital? No, it takes a special gift.

    I’d include you and your colleagues in that group, too, Kate, as you “civilians” and the clowns are after the same thing.

    What gives these helpers – the clowns, and your group – the sensitivity to do what they do? Some of it is innate, naturally, but I’d wager some of it fulfils an emotional drive, as many had a child in the sick ward or, perhaps, were there themselves years ago.

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  2. I enjoyed the movie ‘Patch Adams’ starring Robin Williams.
    Generally I’m not a fan of clowns… especially sad clowns.
    Ah…there’s the d’verse link… Thanks.
    I’ll look. But I haven’t done all that much with that prompt place.

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  3. kaykuala

    these healing clowns
    based on Patch Adams
    who erased many frowns

    It is not an easy thing to create laughter in an environment of pain and misery. They must certainly be more funny than normal!


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    • they are kind gentle souls, who sing, tell jokes, do tricks and blow balloon animals … they are good and especially trained! All ages love those colourful balloons 🙂


  4. A bright and positive tribute to those cheerful hospital visitors, Kate, although I would hide if a clown visited me in hospital – I’m scared of them! I have heard of the film Patch Adams but have never seen it. I love the phrase ‘foolish veneer’.

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  5. So many people have a clown phobia. Sparky is not a fan of clowns. My grandmother collected clown figurines and Sparky insisted that I promise never to collect them or accept any of them from my grandmother!! In college a group of us went to sing Christmas carols at the children’s hospital and there were clowns everywhere. It really did lighten the mood.

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  6. I have an actor friend, who joined the circus, went to Clown school, and has had a 30 year career so far. Another friend went the Patch Adams route, and he has a troupe that tour hospitals and retirement homes.

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  7. YAY! I love clowns!!! 🤡
    (Except the mean, killer ones.)
    And I love when places where people need healing have clowns! They bring joy and laughter to everyone they encounter! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Years ago, I had a clown tell me I was too extroverted and too cheerful. What was up with that?!?! 😉

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  8. If Kate were a clown
    I’m sure she would be
    The funniest clown
    We ever did see

    But here, she’s a poet —
    And a rhyming one, at that —
    To which I say, “Bravo!”
    With a tip of my hat.

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  9. Aww, I love this. It is indeed heartfelt and heartwarming. I can’t remember, but I think this is the first or second positive clown poem for this prompt? Eh, I’m too lazy to look back, but I think it is! We always do associate clowns negatively, huh? I love your take on the prompt, it brought a smile on my face. Beautiful and gorgeous writing, as always. I enjoyed reading this piece. ❤

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