romance #couplets

for Bert and Ethel it was love at first sight
he tall and handsome, she a lil cute gal

those close didn’t think it was right
at their age it just wasn’t right

yet Bert was her shining knight
her true delight Ethel determined to fight

Bert wouldn’t let Ethel out of his sight
she his leading light, they fitted just right

but this is often the plight
of seniors in their twilight

others dictate what they do, what’s alright
fear their inheritance might become slight

self-interest tends to outweigh support
of those who reared us, spoilsport!


  1. I like how you’ve written about a topic that usually gets ignored – senior romance. On the other hand, let’s hope Bert and Ethel didn’t judge their own children’s love life as parents when they were growing up!

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  2. You are so right! Sometimes families of seniors do try to steer them away from romantic relationships for selfish reasons, and that’s so sad. My grandfather was heartbroken and lonely after my grandmother died, and lived alone in his house for two years. Then he moved to a retirement home and found a “friend” and was SO much happier. Personally, I was happy for him as well.

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  3. A wonderful poem Kate.
    Sadly our society and even family do not always support such cases and especially when money is involved. And yes I forgot family pride, which is of course as plastic as it can be.
    I remember a quick look at the plastic theme on your blog.

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  4. For Albert and Beth
    It was love at first touch
    They both loved the feel of each other
    So much
    For Charlie and Deb
    It was love at first kiss
    The touching of lips
    They thought absolute bliss
    But Eric and Fran
    Didn’t have such good luck
    They didn’t find love
    Until their first overseas holiday

    I can’t seem to get that last line to work.

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      • Brilliant! I was going through all sorts of things like, ‘until they bought their first truck’, ‘till they bought a pet duck’ or ‘until she started to cluck’. But yours works so much better in these times of difficult travel!


  5. I love seeing seniors find love! ❤
    YAY for Bert and Ethel!!! 🙂
    'Tis sad when others can't let them enjoy their lives.
    Sometimes when the "kids" get involved, I think it's for selfish $$$ reasons. 😦
    We have a senior adult relative who got remarried decades after his first wife died. He and his new lady (she was his age) lived to be in their late 90's and had a wonderful life together. We were so glad he wasn't lonely anymore. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • exactly Michel, you love Janine maybe even more now than in your youth … the love deepens and we should never judge another for wanting a relationship no matter their age!


  6. I so adore how you venture into this theme. From where i am its still not so much accepted. Children are usually the ones opposing…but i dont see the point why they do…especially if this will bring joy to their elderly parent or even a second chance on love or romance however one calls it…

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  7. Kate, I think younger people sometimes think older people cease to have a desire to love and be loved. I once had someone respond to one of my poems something about “companionship.” Of course, that is important at any age. But don’t underestimate the sex lives of seniors either!

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  8. My Grandfather remarried at 79 to a wonderful younger woman of 68. It was a perfect arrangement as she took good care of him for 11 years until he passed. My father was Best Man at the wedding. So this is outside my experience but I can imagine there are some who begrudge their parents any joy in life…

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    • what a delightful story Val, thanks for sharing! She saved the family a lot of angst then 🙂 I sincerely believe it’s their life and their funds to do as they wish.


  9. For me this very poignant Kate…. I had an aunty how got married in her late 70’s, to a lovely bloke called Ken…. .. and they lived happily ever after…..

    I think maybe jealousy at somebody being truly happy

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