ouch …

maturity - 2

another visual I often get 
plus all those usual ones eg mouse, tablet, etc 
so why technology misuse words
rather than start a new vocabulary?


  1. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. 🙂


  2. You have to admit, Kate, doing whatever we want is pretty cool. Everything we dreamt it’s be when we were eight, and then some.

    Dealing with all the consequences, though, not so much.

    See, no-one ever made that part very clear when we were commiserating with grade-school friends. Living the dream. Now, though, or then?

    The answer depends on how whether the scale is in or out of balance at the moment. Ask me now…then ask me again in two days. Remarkable, different answers each time.

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  3. But, but, the plasticity of the English language makes it interesting and allows for puns, double entendre, and plain fun in the manipulation!! Technology is not misusing the words. Technology is appropriating them and expanding the definitions… it is why I love words!!

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  4. I love the second one.
    I’d love your thoughts on my last 2 posts. Although really I just have to stop thinking so much 🙂
    I began reading the book Mind Calm. I definitely agree with her premise,all I’ve read so far, that there is an awareness that exists outside our thoughts actions and perceptions. Oh, I actually wrote about that. The consciousness that we are…

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