for those like me who are punctuation challenged … 

cat - 1 (1)

I also suffer from this dis ease!


  1. Great duo, Kate!

    Of course, I’m calling shenanigans on the first photo, of the cat with glasses and a paper. No way, no how, could anyone get a feline to stay in one place even for one part of that shot. I mean, just try doing that with a jaguar.

    Still, short that catastrophe, both entries deserve their own category in the Catalogue of Humor.

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    • ha ha ha Keith touche!

      cats whiskers to you … are you claiming they might be fake shots, no never! Cats own and control their carers so I have no doubt that they can read, talk and do many things … just keep it secret from their carers who think of them as “pets” 😉

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