we’d been travelling rough
local transport and tents
heard nirvana was
on Dal Lake in Kashmir

getting thru Jammu was
exciting as an official
wined and dined us well
glad of foreign company

the houseboats were
beyond our dreams
a cook and lad to serve
a soothing welcome break

brightly decorated and
furnished in exotic splendour
plush Asian indulgence
with a foreign influence

shikar’s taxied us about
seeing all the local sights
floating gardens, lotuses
and ancient island temple

we ate well but most
got ill, guess hygiene
was not known then
solution was to party hard

as alcohol was banned
other substances were
procured and I observed
sanity turn absurd

when absent from home
restriction and observance
people took outrageous risks
far beyond most imaginations

but we survived
so some went for a ride
to escape the trader blitz
up Ganga Mountain

then as we left troops arrived
heralding decades of fighting
fighting where nobody wins
Kashmiris now traders in HP

d’Verse, boats, Sarah – an internet image

dedicated to all those locals who have died and suffered at the hands of two egotistical countries who should leave now, make it a no-man’s land immune from any invasions! You may well have their handicrafts in your home …