how does your garden grow?
lush and green
or struggling and lean

do you tend those shoots
so they extend their roots
and supply fruits

or neglect them so they seed
do you pull out the weed
so you can grow a good feed

D’Verse, garden n 44 words, Victoria


  1. Smiling I am…..remembering the nursery rhyme my mother used to recite to me:
    Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
    how does your garden grow?
    πŸ™‚ Thanks for the memories!

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  2. Ah, such an excellent poem here! The two types of gardeners, the ones who tend and the ones who neglect. You describe this perfectly, Kate. I love this poem, especially the first stanza. Fantastic poem and take on the prompt!

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  3. Ha! This is exactly my kind of gardening – benign neglect! Sparky plants, waters, and harvests. Because he mulches around the plants the weeds are at a minimum. We do all organic gardening and forego the chemicals. What the bugs get is kind of our offering to the earth for the bounty we receive. We are in the midst of the tomato explosion. I’m looking at having to make some sauces to can if Sparky can’t eat enough to keep up with the harvest!!

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  4. Gardening can be therapeutic for some. My wife’s like that. I used to garden to please my partner. Although, gardening with bare hands can be very centering.

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  5. “neglect them so they seed” hit me because every year I try to grow basil and it has always ended early in the season because I can’t use it fast enough to pick it before going to seed. This year I have been picking it and freezing it and it is growing great.

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  6. I enjoyed this.

    * taps own head * Knocking on wood that my plants have done well this summer. I suspect because I am working from home, I see them more and can answer those questions and attend to their needs.

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  7. I was told i dont have green thumb. I was quilty of murdering my mom’s plants back, when i asked for a quotation to have my garden fix by a landacaper, and the amount seemed to be over the top, i started planting my own flower garden and now 10 yrs after i have a beautiful garden back home..

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