collies II

ok so I am super glad someone finally got this photo coz it’s what a visualise everytime I hear ‘cauliflower’ … due to the meditation I am quite visual … keep smiling coz you could be on collie camera!

Published on Spillwords, so please read and respond

Hit three thousand followers, thanks everyone
… so appreciate your interactions


  1. While I miss our dog… a found hound from the shelter. I am not ready to adopt another yet… We’ve family and neighbors that allow us to connect with their pets. πŸ˜€
    Fun photo!

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  2. Congratulations, Kate! That was indeed a wonderful post and deserved a wider audience. ❀️
    Your “collie” posts bring so much cheer to my life. Thank you!πŸ™‚

    Oh and also big congratulations on hitting 3000! Yayyy!!!

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  3. There’s a very famous couplet in Urdu, my mother tongue, which I’m pretty sure describe your blogging journey perfectly.
    It goes like:

    Main Akela He Chala Tha Janib-e-Manzil Magar
    Log Sath Ate Gaye Aur Karwan Bunta Gaya

    I started to walk alone towards my destination but alas
    People kept on joining me and a caravan shaped up

    Many congratulations to you on scoring a heart count of 3000 β™₯️

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  4. Yay! I laughed at the Collieflower and now I won’t be able to eat cauliflower without thinking of this! I loved the love letter at Spillwords – it is true that we need to interject a little more love and understanding into this world. We are experiencing a new world that is fraught with changes that many don’t like or understand… I love the positive thoughts you have sent into the universe and hope to send my own through words and actions…

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