Friday Fun – flag

“flag” is a loaded term, it means many things to many people

we can flag in spirit or our energy flags
defense fight for a flag 

this is my flag but it needs revising …
take the union jack out we need to offset colonialism 
add in our First Nation people’s flag
keep that blue sky with the southern cross 

get creative about what ‘flag mean to you
post and add a link back here …
would be nice to see a broad range of flags!


  1. To flag something up means to note it and be aware of it. As a teacher I’m aware of all the little flags – signals – the students give. Although I haven’t taught in a while! I think that more than most teachers I try get the school to feel with whatever I flag up then and there, so that it stays smaller. It’s hard to watch your flag waving and being ignored no matter how many times you show your flag to others. Yet they’re learning.

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      • Every town and village in the south of Germany has a “Kirchweih” festival in summer, it was the date that the local church connected to the foundation of the church and/or its patron saint. It’s long become a secular festival and in many towns and villages it’s been celebrated on a square with fairground rides and tents for drinking and eating and dancing. In my hometown it was moved into the old part of town and is the largest of these kinds of festivals in the area, provided it’s not raining with more than 100,000 visitors over the weekend (actually Friday to Monday). And in our area it’s not called “Kirchweih” but “Kerwe” as each region calls it differently. I think in English the term “kermesse” is not completely unknown, at least according to wikipedia.

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        • That is totally fascinating, thanks so much for sharing! Did you have to look it up?

          ha I was there in winter so totally enjoyed the Fushing [doubt I’ve spelt that right!]

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          • Fasching in Bavaria (carnival in the cologne area, Fasnacht in the Mainz area, Fasnet near Freiburg and Switzerland). I warned you: regionalism 😉 And no, I didn’t have to look it up except for the lion as Baden-Württemberg’s emblem also features a lion but not a prancing one. It’s my hometown where I was born and bred and have returned to after being away for almost 35 years.

            Oh, and Kerwe is like Fasching/Fasnacht without the costumes but with better weather and more outside activities!

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              • Sure, you can. 15 years South Africa, 3 years Zimbabwe, 7 years Saudi Arabia and almost 10 years in a different part of Germany.

                We dance outside, too. 🙂 And the music and the rest doesn’t happen in large tents but in little impromptu pubs (during this time everybody can sell drinks and food from their garages or yards). The slightly larger ones have live music.

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              • wow that nearly as nomadic as me .. how was Africa? Which location did you prefer?

                Germans sure know how to party, and they seemed to hold their alcohol a lot better than aussies!

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