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Emotions numb or in turmoil, life seems to be spiralling out of control but by accepting a lack of control, the unknown it can ease our tension. Keeping your mind occupied, distracted in a healthier manner also helps.

So get busy with old or new hobbies, read more and if your concentration is wayward then reading blogs could be the ideal answer! You know the bloggers who tickle your fancy or lead you astray in a great fantasy or who make you think.

Now is the time to go treasure hunting … I have well over a thousand post and some have many more than that. Just because it wasn’t posted today doesn’t detract from the value of those posts. So seek out a few favourite bloggers and wade thru their categories to find hidden gems!

My “jems” is a collection of my more popular posts; while “healing” and “habituate” could provide some very useful coping mechanisms; “playful” will amuse and so on … So I challenge you, other bloggers, to write a similar post to this giving readers an invitation and guide on how to access your past posts.

This will keep your mind more positively occupied and enable a whole new relationship could unfold … so please saturate yourself in posts as time permits!

PS some have suggested various podcasts, I recommend TED Talks … but it’s well worth reading the comments below for links!


  1. I used to have several blogs to separate my writing styles. Daily Short Verse, Longer Verse (often prompted), and then one for just flash fiction. Not everything I write ends up on a blog post especially since I generally now only post one item a day on one blog that could be any of the above.

    There are different page headings. And of course anyone can go to the ‘Search’ box and plug in some word or date. I’m not worried though about anyone going too far back.
    I enjoy working in the present.

    … I put up a good front anyway

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  2. Yes it is really important to be positive and keeping ourselves busy in our favourite hobbies. Connecting with people having similar interest is also fruitful.

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  3. Wonderful advice, Kate, and I look forward to taking a peek inside the vault. To think, the thoughts you’ll inspire, and the minds you’ll decorate.

    Open for adventure, Indiana Jones! Let’s see what lurks just around the corner, in the shadows, or beyond that light-fringed door. More treasure than any one of us an carry alone, that’s for sure.

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  4. I like to search using the keywords. It does help when that is available… I’ll have to see if my posts have a search feature or a sort. I’ve never tried to do a search on my own posts from anything other than the dashboard (which a reader couldn’t do)…

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  5. A wonderful idea!

    I’ve actually done this in the past (a few years ago) when I was introduced to a new blogger I would take the time to read a bunch of their older posts. I especially love people’s posts who post poetry. I’ve been a poetry reader/poetry lover since I was a little girl! I like photo posts, too, and often skim through older posts of my WP friends who are amazing photographers! 🙂

    I like the way some blog sites include a few older posts that the blogger wrote in the past that relate to their most current post. Sometimes I click on those to read. 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. I am thinking of reading all of Chris’s posts now. Her stories are fascinating and full of adventure. A fantasy land. Thank you Kate for this post. You are full of awesomeness. Loads of hugs.
    I will try and write a similar post. 🙂

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    • Nope! Not the way you are… but all posts are tagged under various categories like nature, family, inspiring quotes etc. So if someone is actually interested, they can explore and in the process they may end up discovering themselves – liking something totally new! And as they say, ‘ where there is a will, there is a way’😃

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  7. Ahh .. good post Kate… i don’t often through one of my fellow blogger’s posts… although I seem my reader is “SATURATED” with my followers posts to read…. I never seem to be able to catch up .
    …. and I’m days behind on my ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’ reads as well…… it’s a wonder that I ever get a chance to write a poem !!…. I’ll have to put on my gum-boots and start wading through the lakes of words to read 💙🤍🌏🌏🌎📃📃📖📖

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