Emotions numb or in turmoil, life seems to be spiralling out of control but by accepting a lack of control, the unknown it can ease our tension. Keeping your mind occupied, distracted in a healthier manner also helps.

So get busy with old or new hobbies, read more and if your concentration is wayward then reading blogs could be the ideal answer! You know the bloggers who tickle your fancy or lead you astray in a great fantasy or who make you think.

Now is the time to go treasure hunting … I have well over a thousand post and some have many more than that. Just because it wasn’t posted today doesn’t detract from the value of those posts. So seek out a few favourite bloggers and wade thru their categories to find hidden gems!

My “jems” is a collection of my more popular posts; while “healing” and “habituate” could provide some very useful coping mechanisms; “playful” will amuse and so on … So I challenge you, other bloggers, to write a similar post to this giving readers an invitation and guide on how to access your past posts.

This will keep your mind more positively occupied and enable a whole new relationship could unfold … so please saturate yourself in posts as time permits!

PS some have suggested various podcasts, I recommend TED Talks … but it’s well worth reading the comments below for links!