window #rhyme #haiku

the view from my window
notes a lawn, trees and the ocean
that ocean stretches to New Zealand

often birds and bunnies inhabit the lawn
while birds and breezes love those trees
kiwis migrate coz they love our wages

all these have featured on my pages
in all their glory and various stages
supple vigorous and outrageous

yet if I constrain my view
things take on a darker hue
when broadened it glitters like dew

shroud - 1

on clear moonlit nights
my awesome wonder window
cool balmy winter

d’Verse, window, Peter – a poem ending in a haiku


  1. I truly can see the world out there thru your lens. Your sooo good at capturing those moments…i cant do it myself because i always get so excited that, let say that clouds already dis appared from my view before i even click my camera…lol

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  2. I really love it when you pair your beautiful poems with your equally beautiful photography!! It really makes you feel the poem even more…😍 I really like how you’re talking about different views here too, it really does widen your perspective!

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  3. That’s a great view, (lucky you). thanks for sharing it. I liked the contrasts here – between light and dark, expansive and narrow views and some clever rhymes ‘…pages /…stages /….outrageous’. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Your window frames a beautiful world, with so much life goin’ on! 🙂
    Love this poem, SweetKate!!! 🙂 And your photos are always a joy to look at! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…”If the house of the world is dark, Love will find a way to create windows.” – Rumi

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