So many memorable birthdays down at Carss Park, RNP or the bowling ally but my favourites were on the Sunshine Coast. With my birthday so close to mother’s day I’d call a waif and strays luncheon for all those not able to lunch with their mums.

Nobody knew it was my birthday so I didn’t have to deal with cards, gifts and well wishes. We’d meet at my favourite restaurant on a warm winters day and lunch for hours. There were always more than twenty of us and often a few I’d not met before, friends of friends.

We’d have a lovely day of feasting, chatting and catching up in general. Warm companionship and such a relaxed get together.

no mean feat these days
to notch up another year
warm winter birthdays

d’Verse, birthdays, Kim


  1. Best wishes, Kate, depending on you perspective, either (let’s say) six days late, or 359 days early.

    One delight unique to the cool/cold weather is coziness. Being in a warm place, both in terms of temperature and of comradery, is beautifully savory.

    Of course, that’s one benefit you enjoy now, amidst winter’s winds. Even here, though, a recent cold snap has made nights not quite chilly, but cool. Puts one in mind of comforts to come…

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday to me. I think each of us should just do whatever we please on our special day, and for some people, they are pleased to ignore it all together!

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  3. Wow! what a wonderful way to celebrate your day. You know to do it in a special way. Many happy returns of the day dear Kate and that food plate looks delicious.
    BTW, mine was in the last week 😁

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  4. An incognito birthday celebration! That is a grand idea! My MIL’s B’day is on/near Mother’s Day. It is always tricky to celebrate without leaving someone out. I like your idea and that might make it easier for all the May birthdays to just have a big Strays and Waifs lunch (here we use the term “Orphan”). We used to have an Orphan Easter every year and invite all the people who didn’t have a place to sit at our table. It was a grand time!

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  5. Nothing beats good food and great friends! Wonderful memories, wrapped up in a sweet haibun. Those days will come around again. 🌻

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  6. Sounds so wonderful, SweetKate! Fun to celebrate birthdays when everyone knows…fun to celebrate “incognito” when no one knows!!! 😀 😛 😉

    We used to do a big luncheon every Mother’s Day weekend…but we focused on honoring all women. I loved seeing when younger women would “adopt” another (usually older) lady to be her mom for the day and they would celebrate together! 🙂

    I have a niece that was born ON Mother’s Day! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…Wowza, that meal looks yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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      • We would do a luncheon (usually outdoors) and have a nice meal, music, women sharing poetry, art, etc, sometimes a guest speaker, door prizes, etc.
        Gosh…one year they even used one of my poems that I’d written. 😮

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        • great so others have already acknowledged your talent ❤

          Our luncheons were always outdoors, most places have a terrace here and I've never been fond of indoor dining 🙂

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      • Oh, and that luncheon would always kick off the Secret Sister program for the year…we drew names…then the whole year, until the next Mother’s Day luncheon, we were to send cards, notes, small unexpensive gifts to the woman whose name we’d drawn. Unsigned, no return label, kept a secret for a whole year. 🙂 Then at the next M’Day luncheon you’d find our who your Secret Sis had been! Everyone loved it. So many got so creative as to giving nice gifts (bought or homemade) without spending much money. And creative in how the cards and gifts got delivered so identities were not revealed! 😀 It was so much fun! 🙂

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  7. We are one hour east to the mountains, one hour west to the ocean. So we usually have a truncated winter. Your “special” day sounds wonderful. Must be hard hiding your actual natal day from the world.

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  8. Ah… I’ve got a relative with a Birthday close and sometimes lands on Mother’s Day –
    they don’t like to fuss about it either…
    That lunch looks very tasty!

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  9. How could anyone not enjoy a birthday at a place called the Sunshine Coast, Kate? It sounds like a fun place to celebrate with the waifs and strays! It seems so strange to me, living in the Northern Hemisphere, when you write about a ‘warm winter’s day’ and ‘warm winter birthdays’! Do you ever get snow in summer?

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