Friday Fun – a pair

can be a pair of anything
… feet, a couple, gloves, a pear …

mix it up and get creative

share a photo or creative writing on your post and link it here

my photo of a juvenile pair of honeyeaters … they posed for me!


  1. Beautiful Honeyeaters. Not all pairs match. I know folks who like to purposely wear mismatched socks. To get folks to be observant – to use that ‘pair’ of eyes!

    I’ve a full weekend of family – so I might not verse this prompt. When one of a couple ends up …gone – others step up to fill the void of helping.

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    • It looks like the entire post copied. I wonder if you could edit out all the words having just a link? I thought of taking another picture for you today. Actually I wonder if I did. They were 2 leaves growing out of the same stem. One was green, the other green and pink. I took a picture of the second leaf. Now I remember. And couldn’t get a good one of both together. I’ll try copy that link again, if it’s not shorter than delete the comment.

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  2. […] spotted. Think they’d retreated to the bush to avoid the buffeting howling wind! Once in the bush honeyeaters posed for our shots while others darted about collecting insects for morning […]


  3. […] Kate’s Friday Fun prompt – Pairs was the big contributor to my interpretation of Sadje’s prompt. If you remember your elementary math, the number 6 can be made by two different multiplication pairs: 6 and 1, 3 and 2. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 sets of 2 or 2 sets of 3, the result is the same. This is called the Commutative Property and it holds true for addition, as well as, multiplication. (Who said you don’t need math if you’re going to be a poet?!) […]


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