Birdlife erupted around us as wild winds snatched at our hats when Campbell and his harem of eight meandered along the trails. A beach walk up to a sacred lagoon, no nesting birds spotted. Think they’d retreated to the bush to avoid the buffeting howling wind! Once in the bush honeyeaters posed for our shots while others darted about collecting insects for morning tea.

brokenhead - 1 (1)

Then to a Brokenhead coastal bush path with incredibly spacious views and dotted with wildflowers galore. For me the real treasure of these walks is Campbell’s vast knowledge and the slow pace which allows plenty of photo opportunities and space to soak up the views from these priceless vantage points.

brokenhead - 2

We picnicked on the hill near a rocky feature overlooking the sea and couldn’t be sure if the large splashes were from whales or just the wild wind stirring. It’s really quite easy to socially distance on a path in single file or gathering in a large circle in the open. Not sure if our legs or our tongues get more exercise but the warm companionship sure feels good!

featured pic is south of brokenhead; then brokenhead beach looking up to Byron lighthouse; a bush turkey who exposed his colours to mate, they are also his thermometre to check the nest temperature when incubating eggs