unrest #haiku

as dark clouds hover
fear and poverty oppress
future uncertain

difference disturbs
equality loudly claimed
some are more equal

emotions see saw
as we are fragile and raw
fear and distress rise

life so uncertain
unchartered territory
spread support and care

d’Verse, Haiku sequence, Frank T


  1. 😦
    There is so much uncertainty and darkness. And we can spread and be the light. Bring peace to others. (Funny. People tell me I’m calming. And I find that funny when they say that because where I’m at right now and calm are anything but. Yet that’s what they see…)
    Sending sunshine and sparkles

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  2. The world is so troubled with in your face uncertainty, that now more than ever we have to crave the light
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


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  3. Yess the last line is very important! We all need care and support from our loved ones. And we have to try and share the same support as well. If we all take things day by day it’ll put us more at ease 😊Thanks for sharing!

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  4. These are “uncertain times” and there is inequality and injustice and all sorts of political shenanigans going on. I try to stay positive but it is at times difficult! Love this poem that lays it out with a message of hope at the end!!

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  5. I must admit its really a challenge to stay positive amidst all these..but that’s why its a challenge..we have to option to use it for or against us.
    The pandemic was in many ways very helpful in my pursuit for creative brilliance. It paved the way for so.many opportunities for me and for my family as well.
    I realized i have raised independent and grounded children who can stay happy and positive despite all the dramas.thr girls learned a lot..baking, cooking and even budgeting their own money and i am very proud of them. I,on the other hand pursued my long overdue dream of concentrating on honing my skills.
    So if we can only look deeper into ourselves and bring out the best in us even if we are faced with tremendous difficulties then i believe we will all get through this with flying colors.

    Lovely haiku and reminder kate

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  6. Words of wisdom, Kate and yes life is so uncertain and emotions are like a see-saw. Let us all spread support and care during this pandemic. Kate the quote was awesome, a truly happy person will only know what it is to take a second detour.

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  7. Powerful, true, and wise, SweetKate! (And I love that it’s a haiku sequence!)
    We’re all feelin’ it. Thank you for helping us. Whether you post something serious, important, needed, challenging, encouraging, fun, teaching or whatever you’re feeling…you help us!
    I’m working to spread support and care!
    The quote is fabulous! Yes, often on the detour we learn, grown, see some cool things, meet a new friend, adapt, change, open our hearts, minds, and hands even more, etc.! 🙂
    Detours can be adventures!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  8. Oh my gosh Kate, this really struck a chord in my heart!! This poem definitely speaks to how many people feel during these times. I have to admit I’ve been feeling quite uncertain lately, since I’m a rising senior now the future seems so near but so hazy with everything that’s going on! I’m praying for the best and working my hardest, and your words really have comforted me a lot ❤️ ❤️ So, thank you! And we’ll “spread support and care” together 😉

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