anger lurks on every corner
self pity parties are a mourner

nobody will attend
cos it has no ultimate end

and in this time of turmoil
angst and fear embroil

health and wealth in question
try harder to avoid depression

usually when grief and pain arrive
everyone evaporates in overdrive

when laughter and joy roll up
everyone holds out their cup

yet our lives contain both sides
stark storms and human joy

deep emotions can provoke
reactions that are bespoke

all keen to share the highs
avoid the unease of lows

let’s give others the benefit
and all try to better it!

inspired by Punam’s emotional metaphors


  1. You highlight the complexity of the world . Your poem is powerful.
    You are convincing, Kate , and this comes for a part from your dynamism that we feel in your rhythm and your rhymes .

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  2. I said ealier and I say it again, hope your poems reach the teenagers. Kid should learn about life in their early years. It will help them to deal with various problems later in life.

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  3. We can all relate to your powerful poem, SweetKate! We’ve all experienced both sides.
    I’ve always been about the positives and the betterering it. 😉 I try to deal with negative emotions quickly as the positive emotions are waiting to resurface. 🙂
    It’s cool when we learn to use the negative emotions and not let them use us. Fuel them into positive actions and to make positive changes. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. Kate, so beautifully and colorfully expressed! I love this poem!

    The “fair-weather friends” will vanish when you are in trouble. Even our best friends get tired of whining!

    Did you and your friends have pity parties in high school? We did. When someone told us their troubles, we formed a circle with our arms around each other. On the count of three, everyone said, “Aww!”

    I hope all is well with you. Cheryl

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  5. Oh, how I love this, Kate! You have summed up the pendulum swing of emotions during these times so well. This is quintessential Kate verse with excellent metaphors. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the shout out, sis!❤️

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