I fly all the time
but you can’t see me
invisible yet crucial
to your life I be

when in grave grief
or pain you’ll see
I slow right down
won’t set you free


it seems I have wings
yet no form confines me
you watch me constantly
yet I am an enigma

just when you think
you’ve mastered me
I’ll allude your control
so don’t grasp I plea

I can tick so slow
or fly so swiftly
time can be foe
or friend, let’s see

d’Verse, flight, Laura –
Top Guns about swallows, my favourite fantastical flight poem!



    • thanks Sadje, not sure everyone was getting that I gave the answer at the end … thought I’d switch it up from birds which is the natural go to when given the prompt “flight” 🙂

      But time does fly and stand awesomely still depending on our life perception 🙂

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  1. Love the theme in this poem, along with the imagery. It’s amazing, and I especially love how this is layered with mystery in its essence. Quite intriguing!

    “when in grave grief
    or pain you’ll see
    I slow right down
    won’t set you free…”

    I think this is the most evocative to time. It captures us and we’re not set free from ourselves. It takes time for it pass, it takes time for us to wait if it does. And that is indeed a question of “if” since time can be a tragic reminder.

    Such an evocative take on the prompt. It’s beautiful, Kate.

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  2. This is such a beautiful and mysterious poem Kate!! I loved the cheeky, yet profound, tone of this poem so much. My favourite line was definitely “it seems I have wings
    yet no form confines me”. It awakened something in me when I read that – not sure what it is yet!

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  3. Beautiful writing, Kate, and most evocative. Naturally – look at all the conversation it’s inspired.

    You were writing of time, while many others though birds were the topic. For my guess, I was going to go with pickles.

    Does it matter (well, maybe it does for me, because I was WAY off!)? The point is, it got us talking, and on the same page eventually. That’s good writing – regardless of the topic, the subsequent conversation goes on, well, forever. Thus, just like time.

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    • lol maybe I should mark this post to stop comments after 30 😉

      You would have to be pickled if you thought it was about pickles! Can’t get you mind off your stomach Keith!

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  4. Yup. But eventually it does pass.
    I was talking about time with my friend. How the past month feels like it’s been way longer than just a month. Yet it’s just a month in time. Time that is finite.

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  5. I love the riddle-me-ree mystery of this poem, Kate. Time is all of these things and I think I’ for one have experienced every single one during this awful epidemic.

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  6. Beautiful pairing of photo and poem, SweetKate!
    Your poem is very intriguing and riddle-y…in good ways!
    Some days it seems time crawls…and other days it does fly! Weirdly, for me, I’ve kept so busy the past 5 months I’m shocked that it is almost August already! 😮
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…I can’t leave without quoting my fav time/fly quote…
    “Times fun when you’re having flies.” – Kermit The Frog 😀

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  7. kaykuala

    I can tick so slow
    or fly so swiftly
    time can be foe
    or friend, let’s see

    Great close and great rhyming, calmkate. Yes, it leaves one wondering what is it at the end, a contrast to be discovered.


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  8. Time indeed can be a friend or a foe…that’s why its important that we use our time wisely ..

    The lockdown has made me realize so many things…but on top of that is : we should value the time that we have whether with our family or in pursuit of our dreams..after all we never knew if we still have the same amount of time again..

    Thank you kate for this.

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