an amble with sweet Campbell
is always a bit of a gamble
for we inevitably scramble
over and amongst the bramble

keen to pluck the succulent berries
as their richness and flavour varies
sweeter and tastier than cadbury’s
suspect we resemble giant plundering fairies

d’Verse, 44 word Quadrille, bramble, Linda


  1. No one appreciates a rollicking good rhyme than I do! This was skillfully rhymed and great fun to read when picturing the plundering faeries!

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  2. I remember being a young plundering fairy… there was a giant loganberry bush between our garage and the neighbours fence… so we had to climb over the bush (Via hessian bags) to pluck the ripe berries at the top….Your fun poem brought back lots of ouchie memories ….xx

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  3. Cute. Love us being giants plundering the berries. What’s up about having to sign up to make comments. You have lots of comments; did they all sign up. Last time I just didn’t bother but I decided to ask this time. Would be a shame not to let you know how much I like the fairy rhyme. 😀

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