this morning Venus
shone her light
so bright
it woke me
with delight
before daylight

such an awesome sight!

hope you caught it! I think that’s Venus to the right …

what’s that book “men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, hello ladies


  1. I wish I knew where that star is shining in the sky.
    This star at dawn evoked beautiful feelings. Delight and reflection that she is so feminine and attractive.
    best regards

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  2. Wondrous, Kate! Thanks for clueing me in on what’s above (perhaps). I’ll have to do some research to see if Venus is similarly visible from the northern hemisphere, because we’ve had a nice stretch of clear (i.e., non-hazy) summer skies recently.

    Funny, but before Mars became film’s Alien Obsession #1, Venus long was considered to be the most likely sources of extraterrestrial life. Perhaps that had something to do with the planet’s “feminine” persona, nurturer of life, and all.

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  3. Sparky has been going out every night to look for the comet Neowise. I think I prefer the planets and the brighter stars to comets that come only once in 6000 years. Venus has been a bright morning “star” and Mars has been casting his red glare in the evening… Lovely poem!

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  4. Beautiful poem and photo!
    I’ve seen Venus!
    Coops and I take a very late night or very early a.m. walk, sometimes walkS, every day…just to gaze at the night sky (the moon, the stars, etc.) and all of it’s glory!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  5. Guess venus is easily visible if the sky is clear. I know not which body is this but the picture is super awesome. Can I download it to write upon it? Picture credit all to you 😊

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