20/20 #Tomos Roberts

this is truly amazing … says so much!

a kiwi with tons of talent!


  1. I love that story, Kate, and it’s so well told. I had listened to it before but I listened to it again – the whole way through. I love the hope it shares. Sadly, I think some of the things that it includes were happening worldwide when the video was made but have maybe now been forgotten, or perhaps they’ve just stopped being shared.

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  2. Oh, thank you, Kate. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this. It absolutely made my day. How lovely. The children at the very end were just wonderful.

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          • I know you’ve been always here..because you have a beautiful soul who cares about her fans , friends and followers . However I actually don’t talk much now a days . May be because I’ve become numb . I don’t even feel like writing and talking. Everything that my eyes see and my heart feels seems meaningless. It fees good when you talk to me.. And everytime when we talk I’m the most luckiest person in the world having a caring friend by my side. You’re a blessing for all of us and Lemme be honest, I’m not well.

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            • sorry to hear that … many share your feeling of numbness, what to say. While ever we are alive we can make a difference ❀

              I find volunteering, walking, meditation, reading, blogging, poetry, photography help me … please find somethings that will get you thru the numbness πŸ™‚

              You are precious Sameer, please take care ❀


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