pub poems

its OLN at the d’Verse pub
so I search my mental hub

done poems on pandemic
and my out of control mind

done some on nature, love
my flaws and being kind

the topics are endless
my supply stupendous

but what do you really want
seems angst and romance

are the real drawcards
I’ve encountered both

but others do them better
have written you a love letter

done unicorns and moonbeams
rainbows fiction and reblogged

others words that have inspired
to entertain inspire and question

maybe a stream of consciousness
might have to suffice

not sure if wise advice
is always nice …

d’Verse, OLN, Mish


  1. I sometimes think I’ve run out of things to post about and then life happens and tosses a few more things into my lap… there do seem to be a few underlying themes but that’s what a moral compass will do!

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  2. Whether you choose any one or all of those subjects…or any other subjects…you will birth a wonderful write and we will read with joy! 🙂 I love how you always get us thinking, you entertain, you challenge, you encourage, you inspire, ETC!!! 🙂 Thank you! and Write on, SweetKate!!! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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      • Ha! and That’s sweet…but, you’ll be filling the gap for a l-o-n-g time. 🙂 I write a lot…poems…and I’ve written 3 books, but none of them are good enough to get published. And I’ve helped friends do self-publishing…it’s a LOT of work and then there are not enough people who want to buy.
        So I just write for my blog and for my own “therapy” and pleasure. 🙂

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  3. Firstly, being the naive boy that I am…. I had to look up what “OLN” was/meant….. ok, now I understand.. I think…. And now I so agree with Cheryl’s comments…
    This beautiful song sums it up…..

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  4. This is crisp and succinct! ❤️ I resonate with “seems angst and romance are the real drawcards I’ve encountered both,”… no matter what time and age.. we continue to explore both these topics.

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  5. This poem sums up pretty well the dilemma about choosing themes, Kate. I like the lines ” coz challenging with wise advice vanishes quicker than dry ice.” Love the rhyme and the imagery. and the message is so true! All the best, Cheryl

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