Carlos Barrios

the greatest Wisdom is in Simplicity
love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness
it’s Not complex or elaborate
the real knowledge is Free
it’s Encoded in your DNA
All you need is Within YOU
great teachers have said that from the beginning
find your Heart, and you will find your way …

by Carlos Barrios, a wise aussie!
thanks Rupali


  1. A simple life, love and an open heart to people is the easiest way to happiness. It is a pity that people so rarely look into their hearts.

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  2. Sometimes it is hard to compete; looking in, when we are bombarded with so much from outside. We all have the ‘Gift’ we just need to unwrap it, open it, and use it 😀

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  3. Well-chosen, Kate! The heart has all it needs to make us happy. After all, its main function is to spread life-sustaining warmth throughout the body.

    The brain resists this benevolence, striving for ways to complicate things.

    Nothing doing, Brain. The heart has been at this longer, since before we were born, and is far better at it.

    Go, figure out a formula. Read an instruction manual or something. The heart and I will be busy circulating happiness.

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    • Fine; thanks for asking, Kate!

      Albeit, quite itchy.

      Stopped by my mother’s house Saturday to mow the lawn, and I must’ve kicked up something, because everything from the knees downward is dotted with blisters, which I’ve resisted scratching with varying effectiveness..

      It’s not poison ivy – I get that once a summer, and this is more virulent. Most likely, poison oak or Virginia Creeper. No matter what it was, I’m paying the price now for thwarting its dreams of forming a thicket.

      Oh well, nothing I can’t manage. Plus, Benadryl and Ivarrest are helping me to turn the corner.

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  4. Beautiful pairing of amazing quote and stunning photo!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I’ve read this quote twice today and it’s message touched my heart and greatly encourages me. Thank you to you, SweetKate, and to Rupali!!! 🙂

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    • many of the quotes Rupali posts resonate but this one was deep and when I discovered he was an aussie artist … I had to share it to ensure I have a copy to reread many times over 🙂

      emojis seemed to have changed on WP, any idea how I can make a heart now?

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    • thanks Bella, I was so impressed by the quote I had to repost it to ensure I have a copy 🙂

      Guy is an aussie artist and he has summarised many masters words so succinctly!

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