I’d snuck out the front door, nobody ever uses it, then walked the miles to the railway station. Caught the train, nearly an hours ride and arrived at The Basement. Down by the Quay it was my city sanctuary.

The patrons were like any jazz composition, a multitude of real characters with open hearts all bopping about to their discordant tunes. No regular routine or clearly defined steps, partners irrelevant. A warm welcoming sense of camaraderie with no expectations or rules.

Then the sexy saxophone would moan like an autumn wind high in the lonesome treetops of home. Wistful lustful alerting us to his talent, desire released in it’s tone!

For jazz like life is open to interpretation, not confined by rules or regulations. Trusting we are smart enough to discern and learn from their intimate notes. Let love burn to ignite and unite.

D’Verse, 144 words prose, Lillian

“Moan like an autumn wind high in the lonesome treetops” Carl Sandburg’s Jazz Fantasia


  1. wow, kate i love the “sexy saxophone”… i really love your imagery here… its so inviting and so vivid….such a place i wanna sit down and write a love poem. maybe i will begin with…ours was a ballad,
    of love and admiration
    in a cool afternoon….

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  2. I used to listen to jazz more… a local station went off air several years ago.
    We used to have a service where we had music channels on TV without commercials… but we ended up switching and don’t have that anymore either…

    I like smooth Jazz. 😀

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  3. They’re wonderful,, those little dives were the jazz and the blues carry our cares away. I haven’t thought of Boots Randolph and his yakkety sax in a long, long time. Thanks for the memories!

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  4. LOVE this response to the prompt! You’e taken Jazz Fantasia to the prose level! I am right there in the place….listening to the riffs and feeling the independence, the unexpectedness of jazz. And oh yes….it is so like life. Well done! LOVE that you’ve taken Carl Sandburg’s entire poem to a place with your prose!

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  5. I like that, similar to Jedediah, you wrote a jazzy piece into which to weave the quote from ‘Jazz Fantasia’ – and it works so well, Kate, with the ‘sexy saxophone’!


  6. Yes!
    Oh, this is great, SweetKate! You got my senses involved…and I feel like I was right there. 🙂
    You, also, remind me that people should focus on being better listeners…when we listen we learn, we understand, etc. 🙂
    “To jazz or no not to jazz. There is no question.” – Louis Armstrong
    Ha! 🙂 Jazz on!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  7. Awesome and I had an uncle who was a great saxophone player of his times. In India during 1850’s there was a craze to name themselves with the foreign players and he had changed his name to Rudy Cotton. Superb ending, Kate: Let love burn to ignite and unite.

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