Larry got lost
between love and lust
his hormones drove him nuts

Jen was sorely tempted
her monthlies dissented
so modesty prevented

teens are tossed
this way and that
hormones, growth spurts, peer pressure

experiments or dares often deride
parents either control or avoid
expecting religion or teachers to guide

scarce guidance for when or how
prevention avoided
cure turns sour!

knowledge is real power
morality will empower
so be open to an uncomfortable chat

being black or white is a fool
rigid rule is so uncool
talking it thru is the best tool


  1. Excellent and so important, Kate! 🙂

    Communication. Asking them questions and listening to their answers. Answering questions they ask us. Sharing factual, age-appropriate information. Support. Etc. All so necessary.

    Important, too…if they don’t ask any questions, start the dialogue and help them feel comfortable and safe to ask. And the dialogue should start W-A-Y BEFORE they are teenagers. Especially in today’s internet and social media world.

    As you can imagine, I was VERY honest, open, real, and supportive of my kids at every age and stage of their lives. We could talk about anything and everything and we still do. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    • I had already guessed that Carolyn which is why you are so close … hope younger parents reading this understand that altho difficult it does provide powerful bonding and if things do go wrong they know you are open minded and trustworthy!

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  2. I never heard anything from my mother – she finally sat down a week before my wedding to “give me the talk”. I was 26 and had a good understanding! I swore my kids would get all the info as soon as they were capable of understanding… Two sons and Sparky did the honors and then I filled them in on the female perspective. They asked questions all through HS – usually while I was driving!! I think they are comfortable discussing nearly anything with us.

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  3. I completely agree with your powerful words, Kate. Children of that age need to be taught what is right or wrong for them. Everything has to be told not by rules but in a simple and nice way that they understand. Kate hope you are getting my comments cause I am not receiving any replies from you. Hope all good dear. Take care and stay safe.


  4. The problem with parents and schools not discussing sex openly with children is that then they rely on internet and peers and often end up making mistakes that could have been avoided!
    Very important and essential to have these conversations.

    My kids are in their teens and I know how important it is that they know what they must!

    You said it very poetically…❤️

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    • Puberty Blues was written by a girl in my brothers class and her best mate from Caringbah high … local surfie chicks! And one of them has published many books since 🙂

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  5. This is a very important topic that parents should openly discuss to and among their children. ..sadly, some parents find it still a taboo. its rather important that our children hear it from us. Awareness is really the key..

    thank you kate for writing about this it is really essential kate and i dont understand why some parents refuse to talk about this

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