two on the left are “Bottlebrush” … neither bottles or brushes!

top right is the “Three Sisters” there are three
but none are girls!

lower middle is “Christmas Bells” … and it’s neither of those!

lower right is a ‘tree trunk”, it is a tree but a trunk is for clothes!

with the first three they were probably named such
as they “look like” but a trunk???

Friday Fun – another


  1. HA! You did it, big time, SweetKate! These are perfect for the challenge! 🙂 Way to go! And what fun!!! 🙂

    I tried to find out (from Google) why a tree trunk is called a trunk. Ha, I might be a sucker for trying! 😉 (Sucker…get it?!)

    In researching this, I found out there are 5 definitions for a trunk. I was reminded that our bodies/torsos are called a trunk. In North America, the boot of the car is called the trunk. It, also, said that the main part of telephone systems, railroads, our inner body systems like arteries or nerves, etc. are referred to as the trunk.

    So, maybe that is the connection…the tree trunk is THE main part of the tree.
    But, I’m with you…it looks nothing like what comes to our minds when we think of a trunk. 🙂

    Okay, that was probably more than any of us needed to know. Ha! 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    • lol you sucked me right in with all the detail, but 3bones was right … this particular pic does look like an elephants trunk 😉

      I did forget about the torso being called a trunk but the boot of the car is purely your saying, we refer to them purely as boots … yet they wont go on our feet! A boot sale means a market from the back of your car!

      So many things have various meanings!

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      • Yes, they do! and I find it fun! 🙂

        Yes, that tree trunk DO look like an elephant nose! 😉 😀

        Oh, I meant to say…the bottlebrushes! They are so cool! I’ve always been fascinated by them! As a little girl I thought about trying one out in a dirty bottle…but I didn’t. I didn’t want to harm or hurt the plant. 🙂

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        • oh they are total works of art … I sometimes wonder if I should be more specific in my photography eg concentrate more on birds or flowers or views … but I love them all and so my photography will not become a honed skill or speciality!

          Watched a fascinating doco about the bird lady, an oz photographer who just does birds and exhibits around the world. Her shots are stunning but they are all posted on white backgrounds … I love to see their natural habitats as the trees they live in are just as fascinating …

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          • I love your variety and it seems a shame just to focus on one subject but yes some do as they are totally fascinating and never run out of subject matter.

            seeing the world thru another’s eyes and perspective is such a beautiful lesson in life, I don;t think one needs to be a professional to evoke an emotion with a photo – your photo essays are brilliant!

            black and white photography really shifts our focus.

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  2. I remember the bottle brushes as I saw them in Australia too. I hope you are staying safe as Victoria and now NSW too is getting more Covid cases (2nd wave) – stay with nature and avoid crowds.

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