unfolding #couplets

as colourful autumn leaves fall there
new growth of spring buds forth here

when you’re covered in blankets of snow
we staunchly battle the heat and bushfire glow

as your sun rises to hail a new day
ours sinks in a colourful display

our times and seasons never in sync
altho uniquely different we are the same

humans attached to what is known
often unsettled if it’s not our zone

feeling numb, exhausted, haunted by fear
a threat to our lives which we hold so dear

some travelled broadly, lived as we dare
now confined locally feel locked in a snare

facing financial distress
new hobbies to impress

it’s the time of the introvert
quite alien for the extrovert

lives change at a pandemics behest
each of us doing what we do best

medical and supermarket staff run off their feet
poets observe and document, never replete

gardening, crafts and bread making
but for some drugs are overtaking …

children schooled at home, play inhibit
relationships pushed to an absolute limit

avoid harm and anger as it makes us all sick
take time to examine what makes us tick

a time of turmoil with no set time frame
unsettles, challenges, claws at our gullet

altho this seems to be endlessly dragging on
this too shall pass, angst evaporating into oblivion

altho things may be tough
know that you are enough

hold hope in your heart
then love you can impart

kindness, support, sharing and caring are rife
resilience strengthens to save us from strife

appreciate nature, life and all that we have
enhance with gratitude as it’s the best salve

don’t fight the flow, as life will unfold
then love and laughter we will behold!


  1. Love and laughter we behold. Really strong words here. Constantly reminds us of staying strong. Kindness and hope has always kept us going and the poem is such a wonderful reminder to that. Something exquisite in these rather monochrome moments…

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  2. Oh Kate! Just read this and wow! You’ve summarized everything that I (and a lot of others) have felt, what we’ve experienced and our hopes are. I especially like how you lay out that even if we are around the world from each other, in different seasons, we are all in this together!! And to get through this – we have to do it together! I really think that is the biggest lesson we can learn from living through this pandemic. I’m saving this one and putting it in my “pandemic scrapbook.” ❤️

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            • that would be far too logical for most … people often have more coz they are plain greedy!

              Anyone with excess is welcome to argue this point with me but I will need receipts as proof of their generosity please? People here only donate to charities for tax deductions, so few are ideally motivated!

              Mind you in some cases like our bush fires they are … and about a year later those funds still haven’t been dispersed!

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              • Oh goodness! What are they doing with those funds if not sending it to people who need it? Ugh. I fear you are correct with this assessment. A lot of people do it for the “looks” and not in the true spirit of generosity.

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              • funds are still sitting in the bank or paypal to my knowledge … it’s being argued out in court. Meanwhile those who lost their homes can’t rebuild, etc 😦 Awesomely sad

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  3. This brought tears to my eyes.
    You’ve shared exactly what so many of us are going through and how we are feeling.
    You’re encouraged us to fight the good fight…keep doing the good things…sharing, caring, giving, helping, moving forward, etc.
    You’ve left us with hope…something we so badly need to cling to.
    Thank you, SweetKate!!!
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  4. Beautiful, meaningful post, Kate.

    The pandemic does seem to bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. For many, it is a time of exploration and self-discovery. However we have reacted, all of us will be happy when it is over, and I think most of us will be changed. Take care. Cheryl

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  5. Great poem – and so true! Fighting against the current is tiring and not always productive… Some have taken this time of isolation and become better and others – well, not so much. Still we push onward doing the best we can with what we’ve been given in this life.

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  6. A fabulous poem Kate, and you really nailed it with your finale stanzas…
    “kindness, support, sharing and caring are rife
    resilience strengthens to save us from strife

    appreciate nature, life and all that we have
    enhance with gratitude as it’s the best salve

    don’t fight the flow, as life will unfold
    then love and laughter we will behold!” …. lovely…xx

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