as colourful autumn leaves fall there
new growth of spring buds forth here

when you’re covered in blankets of snow
we staunchly battle the heat and bushfire glow

as your sun rises to hail a new day
ours sinks in a colourful display

our times and seasons never in sync
altho uniquely different we are the same

humans attached to what is known
often unsettled if it’s not our zone

feeling numb, exhausted, haunted by fear
a threat to our lives which we hold so dear

some travelled broadly, lived as we dare
now confined locally feel locked in a snare

facing financial distress
new hobbies to impress

it’s the time of the introvert
quite alien for the extrovert

lives change at a pandemics behest
each of us doing what we do best

medical and supermarket staff run off their feet
poets observe and document, never replete

gardening, crafts and bread making
but for some drugs are overtaking …

children schooled at home, play inhibit
relationships pushed to an absolute limit

avoid harm and anger as it makes us all sick
take time to examine what makes us tick

a time of turmoil with no set time frame
unsettles, challenges, claws at our gullet

altho this seems to be endlessly dragging on
this too shall pass, angst evaporating into oblivion

altho things may be tough
know that you are enough

hold hope in your heart
then love you can impart

kindness, support, sharing and caring are rife
resilience strengthens to save us from strife

appreciate nature, life and all that we have
enhance with gratitude as it’s the best salve

don’t fight the flow, as life will unfold
then love and laughter we will behold!