Friday Fun – another

This prompt is “calling things by another name”
this photo may look like snowdrops but it is a flower

Warning folks this post is to make you think!
Click off now if this is too painful please?

these are snowdrops …
but they are not snow and they droop but don’t drop!

so please post a photo or a creative story to share 

“things called by another name”


    • perfect example Sweet Caroline … a brain could never be a pea or a mush 😉

      Getting some great clues here so I have to put my thinking cap on to do my post … I can think but it’s not a cap 😉

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    • yes quite breathtaking aren’t they!

      We have them here too but I’ve often thought it more like Cinderella’s glass shoe for the ball … too ornate to be a mere slipper!

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