I absorb moods, fears and joys
from those around me
and like to support others
when they are down

but I need to be smart
about my current state
am I strong enough to handle this
or might it just tip the scale

if fragile it may send me over the edge
know my boundaries, know my limits
healthy to share and care when able
but know when to step back

for my own protection, be wary
coz tipping that scale can be scary
self care and meditation are my remedy
… what are yours?

confronting reality helps too
but others may eschew
we often defer to our delusions
trusting our distorted fantasies

this is unhealthy avoidance
or denial at its worst
blinding us to the warnings
which can be a real curse …

so knowing myself
and my delusions
lessens my confusion
empowers wiser decisions!