I absorb moods, fears and joys
from those around me
and like to support others
when they are down

but I need to be smart
about my current state
am I strong enough to handle this
or might it just tip the scale

if fragile it may send me over the edge
know my boundaries, know my limits
healthy to share and care when able
but know when to step back

for my own protection, be wary
coz tipping that scale can be scary
self care and meditation are my remedy
… what are yours?

confronting reality helps too
but others may eschew
we often defer to our delusions
trusting our distorted fantasies

this is unhealthy avoidance
or denial at its worst
blinding us to the warnings
which can be a real curse …

so knowing myself
and my delusions
lessens my confusion
empowers wiser decisions!


  1. Yes, there’s a big difference between observing and absorbing. Sometimes we have to take that step back, emotionally and mentally, to look after our internal state before we can help others. Well written Kate. 💕

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  2. Wisest of wisdom, SweetKate, AND great advice! 🙂
    Knowing, setting, and sticking to our boundaries…self care and meditation…you are so right…these are vital to us doing anything in life.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…The photo/meme of the cactus flower and saying is great! Made me smile, SIGH, and give a laugh! 😀

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  3. Wise and powerful words, Kate! You describe a thought process we all need to undertake. Ultimately, to our benefit, and to others’.

    Really, how good of a lifeguard am I if the life raft is taking on water, and I can’t swim? No, we can serve our fellow-creatures much more ably when we ourselves don’t need rescuing.

    Definitely, maintain your affection for others and your desire to help them. That’ll motivate you to find solid ground for yourself, a base to which you’ll repair with those you pull from the frothing current Once you get your footing, watch you go!

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  4. I had a friend who always used to tell me “you can’t hand out a cup of water if your well is empty.” A wonderful poem about the importance of self care. In addition to meditation like you, I also enjoy reading to fill up my cup 🙂

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  5. So often we stretch ourselves too thin by not listening to our own needs,
    Self care first is a must. Knowing our limits is a good thing – Learning to say ‘no’ is a valuable lesson. May we all find the strength we need to progress daily.

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  6. I try not to give to others when it’s going to hurt me. Like go out with people who need headspace when I don’t have it spare, it’ll just come against me.
    Enjoy your reality 💕💕💕

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  7. Denial, both unconscious and conscious are so alluring for the idealistic procrastinator who would rather put off the unpleasantness to some indefinite date. In the meantime the heat’s being turned up on the pot of water as the frog slowly cooks 😦 May as well call it what it is, you’re right, Kate, delusions. I just watched a really good Fellini movie last night, Juliet of the Spirits, about just such a situation! Serendipity to read your poem.

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  8. So few are so self aware. I have always been in tune with my body but it has taken a long time to recognize my mental and emotional status. There are many who cannot reconcile what they think with what they feel, what they know with what they want…

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