in this murky winter
of pandemic blues
I have found my bluebird

broach of silver
a family heirloom
that I always adored

with other gems
as I sort through
my mothers things

she couldn’t help herself

anything I loved
would vanish into
her collection

d’Verse, 44 word, Kim


  1. This made me think of my personal little blue bird of happiness, which I found in an antique store long ago. He’s moved with me 3 times now, my sentimental talisman of happiness.

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  2. YOUR bluebird is with you now…home at last…and I know it will bring you some happiness. 🙂
    (Sorry to hear how it was no longer yours. 😦 )
    (((HUGS))) ❤
    PS…My mom had a lot of broaches and pins…nothing expensive, but many of them pretty. So after she passed one of my sisters and I divided them among all of my mom's granddaughters and granddaughters-in-law…and the gals all seemed to appreciate that. 🙂

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  3. I’m so glad you found your bluebird, Kate, in your mother’s things and in this poem, and that you got the chance to sort through those things. My sister didn’t give me that chance, but I do have an old brooch my mother gave me years ago, and a ring that doesn’t fit, but I treasure them both.

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  4. Things with wings give us peace because they offer us freedom. I can watch birds for hours and hours. It is like the whisper of a dream in motion; it reminds me to keep trying my own ‘wings’. I am glad you found your treasure; may it kindle in your heart the desire to set yourself free from all that would hold you back from happiness. I am sorry for the loss of your mother. I hope this winged gem is a sign of piece for you; so much there in all that blue…blue moments, blue sky, bluebirds that defy all the odds against them and keep flying anyway.

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  5. Lovely bird. I’ve found a few odd pieces in charity shops. One jar had an assortment of odd earrings that I donated to a group that was reworking the items to sell for a different charity.

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  6. SMiLes.. my Mother Wrote me a Loveliest
    Letter When i Turned 33.. She Promised me
    my life Will Tell A ‘Grand Story
    Before i Go.. Yet
    We Found It In Her
    Home Many
    Years Later First
    After She Passed
    Away Now It’s a Picture
    In A Poem And Her Soul
    Of Love Still Breathes in my Eyes
    Green to Blue Yet Without Blues to Love..:)

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