my rock art

Inspired by Nina, guided by Jules
I have begun a new hobby of rock art!

Wandered up the beach, over the rocks and stood above what I call “rock cove” – yes I often name places!  Not sure whether the ocean has carved the walls out deeper or that I’ve grown more cautious with age … but as I gazed down I had no doubt that I could clamber down but my confidence faltered with the thought of the climb out …

rock art - 1

So the river it was on two separate occasions to gather river rocks for their texture, colour and shape – see previous post.  These two above were my initial effort with acrylic paint and leaving the rocks la naturale!  Did three for my neighbours by the sea.

The featured stones are my more recent attempt.  Now moved into painting with nail polish then varnishing with a clear coat.  This allows wider choice of colours, easier to paint and the clear coat brings the rock up to the colour they appear when wet.

What new hobby have you started in these challenging times?


  1. Love the rocks! Leaving painted rocks around to be spotted and posted on Facebook has gotten popular in my small town in New Jersey, USA. They make great plant markers for the garden too. The chipmunks can’t carry them away LOL

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  2. I’ve been considering this very project to place them in geocaches. We come across them every so often and always try to trade for them. I have one now that I’m going to take to saintvi that I found (purple with leopard spots and a heart). I’m thinking I should give it a try! It might make a nice break from the poetry editing. Ceramics studio is opening again but sadly I can’t go in for this session as the time conflicts with a work project. Maybe I’ll get back to the studio in the late fall.

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  3. Very, very nice. Did I tell you about The Kindness Rock project?
    I don’t have Facebook… but I’ve typed their message and put it on the smallest font I can and sometimes but not always put that on the underside of my rocks.

    If I’ve made someone happy with a rock I’ve decorated, and they don’t know who made it… that’s OK. The one gal in the article shows a photo (if I remember correctly of a massive pile of decorated rocks in one location.

    I don’t see as many as I used to. But I still make them and leave them around the neighborhood on my walks. I’ve an errand to run this afternoon and may take some to leave near the door – I’ve left some at the Little Free Library too… and they got picked up!

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  4. yeyyyyyyy …. i love it… these are beautiful Kate. i have not started any new hobby at this time but I devoted my time reading and editing for typo errors all of the poems I wrote since I first blog and I finished the 7 years collection yesterday..

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  5. Beautiful, SweetKate! Your artistic rocks make me smile! 🙂 You joy you will give with these beauties! 🙂
    I haven’t started any new hobbies recently…but I’ve been ramping up a few of the hobbies I’ve participate in for years. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PS…One of my kids gave me a heart shaped rock years ago and had “you rock” carved in it. 🙂 I use it as a paperweight on my desk. 🙂

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