In 1895, I found myself in the city missing my family farm so I decided to collect animals for those who could afford pets. It was the first pet shop in my province. Stocked mostly dogs, cats and birds with the occasional lizard.

Some were donated but most were strays that I cleaned up. Couldn’t stand to see them scrounging for scraps and by asking a few pence people valued them more. Took better care of them.

My pets put many a smile on faces of the young or lonely.

published on Visual Verse, vol 7; chapt 8; pg 29


  1. How, delightful, Kate!

    Thoughts emerge about all the years, and quality years at that, that were gained from 1895 onward. The life these creatures brought with them.

    Fast forward to today, with a much larger population, and countless more shelters, rescue leagues, etc., and you have some idea of the great benefit these places have on our humanity!

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  2. Wonderful pic! And I love your write! It fit the prompt AND gave all of us who read it a prompt! (as in…encouraged us and brought about emotions! And who knows, it might lead a human-bean to action…and they will let a pet adopt them. 🙂 )
    I think when people show concern for animals, it helps other people to care, too.
    PS…Coops gives this post 2 paws up! 🙂

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  3. Nice! It is the psychology of pets – if it is free then it isn’t worth spit but make them pay (even a pittance) and suddenly the worth becomes that of gold! Working in a no-kill shelter we would “showcase” our hard-luck animals and someone always came to “rescue”, I mean adopt them. If we put a bandage on an animal there would be a line of people wanting to adopt them…

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