Dear Hearts,

This is an open letter just to let you know how much you are loved, how precious each and every one of you are. The mere fact that you are alive brings sunshine into our world daily!

I know that we all have a good heart, and sure some may have more layers to peel off than most. But each of us are doing the best that we can … especially all the kind supportive friends I’ve made world wide here at WP.

We are going through some particularly difficult and challenging times lately. For some restrictions are easing while others seem caught in a downward vortex.

Although we may all be in this together remember that some do have more resources to cushion the blow than others. Such as stable housing, funds to buy sufficient supplies and pay for medical assistance as needed. These factors alone are a huge blessing as most of our world are currently struggling with these very basics.

Incomes are no longer assured, some countries provide safety nets yet the majority don’t. So what I’m suggesting is that we all be grateful for what we do have and try to share with those who don’t have.

While fear and anger reign we all pay the toll … so kindness and acceptance go a very long way to cheering both our self and each other up in this time of turmoil. No point in sugar coating it but we each have immense inner strength, resilience, that we can draw on. Use it to it’s full potential because it will keep you balanced.

If you find yourself getting snappy, saying nasty things or overwhelmed by anxiety know that none of this is normal. That every single one of us have had our life turned upside down and trampled on. Each of us are fragile in various ways. Missing family and friends, deprived of touch and company, not able to socialise and keep ourselves busy with our usual distractions.

Might be time to find other healthier distractions, such as hobbies, helping, networking … coz sulking, avoidance and fear can become insurmountable. So rather than chew another out, extend a warm smile leave a book, a rock, a teddy bear in your window or on a seat … share the love or whatever brings you joy!

As your heart opens it heals those around you. Use humour, nature, write, create … find your healing outlet and as your mood lifts it ripples out to others and we all feel lighter and brighter.

Now enough from me, know that you are loved, that I am thinking of you, that I hold you in my heart and my prayers, that I wish you nothing but the best … know that you ROCK! And if this has helped even in a small way then please pass it on to whomever it may help so that we can support and heal each other.

How I dread chain letters but if this one can help please make it one … a chain of tender sincere love to warm and nurture you as you deal with all that comes your way today and in the following months. You may feel alone but know that you are not …

much love aunty kate

PS you are my rainbow, my sunshine, you are divine … remember that!


  1. This is wonderful, powerful, and timely, SweetKate! Thank you!!!!
    This boosted my joy today…and I will be back to reread it on the harder days…of which there will be more ahead.
    Love you, too! AND everything you said to us…I say right back to you! 🙂
    My hope for everyone is that we can all find the joy, the gratitude, the love, the mercy, the compassion, the helping actions, the hope, the faith, ETC., that will help us to help other people get through. 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤ 🙂

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    • you said it better in less words, thanks Sweet Carolyn … this love letter will hopefully trigger a strong warm response and remind us to heal and help in constructive yet dynamic ways ❤

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  2. Splendid, Kate! How fortunate you are to have such a caring aunt. I already know about Florence, but you have another aunt, also named “Kate?” Cool!

    Your letter certainly points to valuable things, and it gives us sunshine sufficient to brighten even the darkest moments. Plenty to spare too, and to spread around the world. Let’s do so.

    Naturally, people are frustrated, and I’ve heard them blame (depending on their politics), the government, the opposition, doctors, lawyers, the press, Hollywood, the Chinese, the CIA, the public, businesses, “Lockdown-Always” or “Open-Everything-Now”….

    Now’s not the time for finger-pointing. Really, it never is, thank you. Instead, as you remind us, we should help each other survive to enjoy the sunrise tomorrow. You’ve done your part, Kate, and you’ve given us the tools to do our share too. Much obliged!

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  3. Thank you aunty Kate,.. and yes we need to help/support each other as much as we can…. These unique and trying times, which requires all our humane senses to be positive and kind… 💙💙🌏🌏

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  4. So much wisdom in this. I think half of the problems in our society right now can be attributed to the frustrations caused by Covid. People don’t know how to handle their anxiety and despair so overact when pushed too far. Everyone should read this before they choose to snap or jump to conclusions. Thanks for your contribution.

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  5. Thanks for those very welcome and uplifting words! I think everyone needs a hug about now. We are avoiding touch, we are distancing, we are getting short tempered. Thanks for the reminder that we need to be gentle with each other!

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  6. All positivity is welcome now Kate. Words of comfort, love and hope in whatever form are powerful and so needed. So thank you from my heart. Big hugs and much love to you my friend. xx ❤️

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  7. Thank you Kate for such heart touching letter and your wishes.
    We all need wishes to survive such difficult times.
    May all be blessed.
    PS. How is COVID-19 situation in your area? Stay safe and please take care of yourself.

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  8. What a touching letter, Kate. It’s true, while most people hide it well, I can see the grief and frustration islip out at times. It seems this thing is a rollercoaster (not the fun kind) that has no end. Thank you for the letter of encouragement.

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