WARNING:  I have posted these photos before …

Friday Fun – flying


    • would be quite tricky with those beaks!
      Until now we, in australia, have been told not to wear masks unless we were ill … now they are claiming covid can be transmitted by spray so we were slack …


  1. Beautiful, Kate!

    Puts me in mind of air travel and of the boundless freedom it brings. Sigh…

    Of course, that may not be a reality for a little while yet, thanks to the virus. Until flights return, we look to the birds, the original aerial acrobats. And the best.

    To your site too, which has gifted us with all sorts of eye candy.

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    • too kind thanks Keith … just been reading about the research on nature for healing … could be why I’m so healthy, always loved being in nature hiking, picnics, orienteering, caving, etc

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