Friday Fun – flying

with limited travel during the current lockdown
it’s probably a good time to recall past travels

this guy has found a legal way to fly solo locally

Let your feet and imagination lift off
and share some flights of fantasy and adventure

Do a post and link it back here …


  1. I have posted my solo trip photos last night which I did in 2018. Ah so want to fly high. Been a long time now. Feels like many years have passed and so much is left to do.
    This is a wonderful picture. 🙂

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      • Thanks – I had difficulties enough to come up with the word paragliding. As one who only watches from below it’s difficult to know the difference. But as there is no water or sand stretch big enough around it’s paragliding, microlight flying, parachuting, or base jumping … I’m sure I’ve forgotten some varieties.

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    • lol sounds like you’re addicted to travel … I am so over it! Would take a trip to catch up with good friends but quite glad of the respite, a perfect excuse to delay …

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  2. Almost went (Para)gliding tethered to a speed boat… but I chickened out, or maybe that’s just listening to my intuition to stay safe and sound. 🙂

    I think I’d like to fly tandem first… with someone one who knows what they are doing. For now I’ll just let the birds do the flying 😀

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