Justice Jedi’s cafe

our outlook across the cow paddocks

interior shots

due to lockdown the Justice Jedi team have had time to review strategies and will return once restrictions are lifted.

They are gravely distressed that some leaders haven’t bothered to protect their citizens and ask …

why we vote for such treacherous morons!

a series in progress


  1. YAY! So good to hear that they will return! There is so much work for them to do! 😉
    I was thinking about them the other week and almost asked if they were on vacation or such. Know what?!?! Just thinking about them made me smile and feel braver.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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    • yea, then they are still weaving their magic … way it should be!

      They will be back to bring Justice and they are noting all the protests and china behaving inhumanely yet again … they are working behind the scenes to free the HK people!

      yet they are still stumped about how to change bigotry … thinking to reverse a few situations so the entitled get a taste 🙂

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  2. Here’s a quote which, I think, at least partially answers “why we vote for such treacherous morons”: “LIKE A LAWYER, THE HUMAN BRAIN WANTS VICTORY, NOT TRUTH; AND, LIKE A LAWYER, IS OFTEN MORE ESTEEMED FOR SKILL THAN VIRTUE.” –Robert Wright

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  3. I used to believe in the inherent common sense of the electorate. Now I know that people are dumb. Which is how we ended up with this POS for POTUS (not withstanding any foreign tampering and shady dealings)…

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  4. I think some royalty has less power than some ‘self appointed’ (OK they were voted in at one point) Twits. And it is unfortunate that it seems every country has their own… Twits.

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