A sight unseen in the tropical Pacific Islands … frozen autumn leaves. A sign of the approaching ice age as we swing from one extreme temperature to another. The entire world and weather system is out of kilter.

Probably brought about by the intense anger and hatred, alternatively heating and cooling our entire world system. People pit against each other, lost in their desperation. No longer united by nation, religion or kindness.

But raging with strong emotions desperately distraught, without enough to nourish or shelter. This generation have not known safety or security of any kind, each using the other … ignorant and blind!

For whilst we live in denial and the wealth gap widens, those few ultra rich dictate terms. Our elections, media and politics a total farce … so lost that we will soon be frozen.

just a bit further picture prompt


  1. We have recently done a click, couple of weeks back, keeping some flowers in the refrigerator freezer and clicked it the next day. Naturally frozen clicks are only dreams in southern parts of India 🙂

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  2. I love the picture!
    Hmm. So dark the world? I think more people are coming together than were. There’s a lot of defrosting going on too.
    Love, light, and glitter

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  3. Kate, your metaphor of frozen leaves to represent the darkness in these times. While the planet experiences climate change in a negative way, mankind’s view seems to want to move into a time and place, frozen and stuck.

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  4. Many of those in positions of authority, Kate no matter whether elected or self-promoted, don’t want to listen. Nor do they acknowledge thoughtful, intelligent, warm-hearted people might reach differing conclusions. Dissent simply isn’t appreciated or even tolerated.

    Is that really all there is to say, though? Do we need to be guided, or are we capable of casting our own light? If you’ve shown us nothing else over the past year, Kate, it’s sufficient to know it’s up to each of us to reflect our own sunshine. Regardless of, or perhaps even because of, what everyone else chooses to do.

    “I can’t be cheerful because they won’t let me.” “They.” Again with the vague pronouns. Ay, hombre, are you a Mexican, or a Mexican’t?

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  5. This is excellent, Kate! So true and so sad. Seems to be the world we are living in. 😦
    Governments not treating people right…people not treating each other right…etc.
    I hope people will get fed up with wrong, hate, lack of intelligence, lack of good leadership, etc., and will take positive actions to shine a bright light on the things that need changing and then work to change them…the bright light can thaw the frozen.
    Know what?!
    YOU are a bright, warm, positive, encouraging, inspiring light in our world! Thank you! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) ❤

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