The Bop

there are so many things
I’m ardent about
rubbish dumped anywhere
waste of water or any resource
violence in any form
racism ageism, every ism ..

for these things come
from ignorance or entitlement
insecurity and fear
all things that should be banished
as they come from closed hearts
hatred and anger they impart
it destroys us and those around
toxic vile and so unkind …

there are consequences
yet we are better than that

we have the ability to reflect
change and grow
as it will heal us and our world
much more than we know!

The above is a poetry form called The Bop. It consists of 3 stanzas with a single line refrain after each stanza. The first stanza is 6 lines long and presents a problem. The second stanza is 8 lines long and expands on the problem. The third stanza is 6 lines long and documents the solution or failed attempt to resolve the problem.  Thanks Val for the inspiration!


  1. Great topic and a great way to express it.

    Each one of us, whether we like it or not can be a instrument of change. In fact, we all need to become instruments of change.

    Unfortunately, this concept of change isn’t readily apparent to many.

    Maybe it is the “ism” of entitlementism(if that is even a word); elitism; I don’t care-ism; fear-ism ; racism or the “ism of the moment”

    Each one of us and some of us even more so, need to open our minds and our hearts to be the instrument(s) that reverses the downward spiral and spin that all society seems to be on. Mother Earth is polluted from a number of perspectives.

    That needs to change and soon.

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  2. Bravo on The Bop! You give us timely, wise, important messages! Oh, that the whole world would listen and respond positively! I’m still praying for people to have open hearts, open minds, open arms, and open hands, which will put positive actions in the world for positive changes to occur.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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