Friday Fun – fishing

Gone Fishing,  a solitary pastime, one the birds enjoy …

as a veggo I don’t fish but we often “go fishing” for something

get creative with photos, prose or verse
… and see what we can hook!

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  1. I like sitting by a secluded lake with a book in my hands. So serene. So quiet. So no fishin’ going on with me…just absorbing the beauty and the read. 🙂

    I know a guy who fishes for compliments. I find that kinda’ sad. 😦
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  2. This looks lovely … contrary to my first experience of fishing (no, no photos). It was at a secluded beach in South Africa, a so-called “fishers’ paradise”. The men each each several fishing rods fixed in the sand and they just checked the lines occasionally. When they caught a fish, they snatched it off the hook, took it to where the wives and girlfriends sat, next to their pick-up trucks, plonked it on the camping table in front of them, made sure it was dead (or killed it if not), grabbed a beer and went back to the water. In the meantime, the women gutted the fish and dropped it in a cooler, then they grabbed a beer and waited for the next fish to be slapped in front of them. I realised then that there was something like a holiday from hell for me 🙂 Hence, I’ve never really got into fishing. However, I did find a few photos to illustrate a better way to go about it:

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  3. I miss this activity in the Land Down Under. Looks like I cannot visit Australia till next year June 2021 as it is not allowing external tourists or visitors.
    Enjoy your little solitude time with nature.

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    • only a week more in paradise and then back to reality for me, volunteering is starting again!

      Sadly my brothers are probably locked out until next year too … they have no intention of doing quarantine and all that implies. Probably most likely place to catch the virus 😦

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