After spending weeks preparing for a big event, coordinating volunteers to clean, prepare, build and transform. I’d had very little sleep as teams came in at different times. Some needed instruction and they all needed feeding. When finally it was time for the event I was so exhausted.

I sat feeling drained when suddenly the vision in front of me caught my undivided attention. The stage setting was a close replica of one I’d dreamt about and shared with housemates in our early twenties. And through the fog of tiredness I realised one of the chief builders was indeed the artist housemate of that era.

Decades on, married with children he had become an architect and when requested to design the stage setting for this event he somehow recalled my vision and gave it life! Nobody but he and I knew that it was my shining moment!

young shared memories
summer inspired elegance
visual pleasure

d’Verse, one shiny moment, Lillian – google image