ocean #imagism

the ocean
is in constant movement
and Neptune’s family

it sparkles

spits out
a sailor
drift wood
smooth stones

it can dance
deep power

d’Verse, Imagism, Frank – Friday Fun – surf!


  1. Your poem has a great shape, Kate, which illustrates the ‘constant movement’ of the ocean, and which you’ve conveyed through the verb list in the second stanza. I love the lines:
    ‘spits out
    a sailor
    drift wood
    smooth stones

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  2. Splendid, Kate! You have eyes, ears and a mind, and use them all so well. In so doing, you captured the sea’s energetic majesty, and packaged it carefully for those of us (sadly) at a distance.

    Reminds me of a story – bear with me here – about King William (he of “William and Mary” fame) who, when seeing the just-completed St. Paul’s Cathedral in the late 1600s, declared it “Awful and Artificial.” High praise, actually, as those two words, in the 17th century, meant what “awe-inspiring and artful” do today.

    So, in that spirit, your poem is awful and artificial, Kate!

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  3. I find the ocean soothing
    Waves crashing against the shore
    Breaking in continuous motion
    Watching it is never a bore

    I can stand there for hours
    Look out at what I can see
    All the colours and hues
    In the ocean and sea

    I love the sound of the waves
    As the hit the rocks
    I love watching the water
    As it runs amock

    Hey, I’ve a cool picture for you. Not sure how to show it to you. If I remember I’ll try upload it tomorrow and you can delete the link after.

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  4. I poke my toe beyond the sand
    To where I hope to understand
    That everything thing, it ebbs and flows
    Everything. It comes and goes
    The water’s deep. The river flows
    The ocean holds what no-one knows
    Nothing certain. Nothing planned
    Come swimming with me. Take my hand.

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