Research shows that having a connection, feeling a sense of community boosts our wellbeing and our immune system.  Had a recent online discussion about how to rebuild ‘communities’.

Geographical Locations

Several referred to the small ‘village’ type communities they experienced as children and claimed that geographical relocation had destroyed ‘communities’.  That competitiveness, accumulating and this individual sense of me, I mine also played a role.

Mutual Interests

With further thought although some link ‘community’ to a geographical space eg village, commune, etc I think it can be much broader than that. Many have come together recently to voice their qualms about climate change, Black Lives Matter, #metoo, and other topical issues that we feel passionate about.  These meetings of similar minds or connections from being similarly oppressed can evolve into a real sense of community in a much broader sense.


But I also think that with mutual respect and making others feel ‘included’ can also establish a closer sense of ‘community’ at our local library, writers group, sport or religious gatherings, or indeed any group we participate in.

Common Ground

Some really close moments I’ve shared have been at ecumenical meetings where genuine practitioners of various beliefs have joined to find common ground.  So ‘community’ could be better defined as like-minded people or those sharing a common experience connect to support each other. Where a warm smile and a sense of inclusion makes all feel welcomed and accepted.

What does ‘community’ mean to you? 
Are you currently involved with any ‘community?



  1. I have several communities which keep me connected, and I’m grateful for all of them. Communities do come and go (I was in a writer’s group for ten years that is no longer), but they always enrich our lives.
    As for the block editor, I haven’t tried it yet. I do mostly essay writing, so would prefer to write the way I always have. I’ll go back to classic as long as they allow it. Afterwards, who knows? Maybe they’ll give in and let us choose when they realize how many of us love our classic?

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  2. Community gives us a sense of belonging and much needed, especially in today’s world. Don’t be intimidated by the block editor. Take it one step at a time. I use the block editor and I write mostly poetry. It takes getting used to. 😉

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  3. The poem is beautiful. And beautifully presented on the block editor. Because this is the first go it feels weird, but honestly you will get used to it. Keep giving it a go. Your poem looks beautiful presented.

    Community. It does come back to the phrase, no man is an island. Community really makes us full if joy and life. I like company and it is fun with like minded people. But, I also me time.

    Beautiful poem

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  4. Fortunately, Kate, most of us don’t have “a” community, but many. Yes, even in times of social distancing. Perhaps, even, more so now than at other times, because we’ve learned community means so much more than mere proximity.

    After all, assembling in the solely physical sense is suitable only for herds and mobs. These become communities only when we put our hearts and minds into the process. As such, each particular location becomes irrelevant.

    In communities, we often touch each other more fully whenever we can’t touch in person, no?

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    • absolutely Keith and WP is a strong vibrant diversified group united in our support of each others creativity! And its never been about the number of friends – like fb – but the quality of the interactions 🙂

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  5. Kate, I appreciate your discussion about community. It is the lifeblood of our lives, and some of these connections have been interrupted by Covid and so much more. As for WP’s editor, I am sticking with the Classic Block, and my transition with it has been good. My poetry writing has been uninterrupted. The Image Block works quite well with it. So far, I haven’t experimented with the other features of the block editor.

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  6. Ah community! Community is both a physical connection through geography and a mental connection through shared experiences, emotions or thoughts. I see WP and previously Xanga as the prime example of community. I’ve met so many people who I connect with – through shared interests, sharing culture and experiences (even though they are vastly different), and shared words (poetry and stories). I sometimes think that my online friends know me better than my in person friends since you have all read my poetry and none (except my mother) have seen those words…

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  7. Community to me is being together in harmony and the picture was perfect such cute little ones walking together as a community. Today we have all become urbanities and have separated from each and everyone. Our flats have become so small hardly place for many people to stay together.

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  8. (ooh… didn’t know you had the choice to switch back… I thought it was a permanent thing)….

    Community has changed throughout my aging. I’m less of a political group animal, I shy away from those communities which purposefully or not, seem to shove their one way is the only way vision as the only way.

    Not everyone has to agree, agreeing to disagree in a calm educated manor is key. Unfortunately even some education can be misleading. As the human community we need to uphold the rights of all and respect differences.

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  9. Informative post on community Kate.
    I am part of various activity groups and have some close friends. I like the idea of being part of a community and active participation. All members might not agree of a certain point but exchange of views help us to better understand a topic.

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    • exactly Rupali … that’s why I appreciate that our friday forums, usually about 60 people has continued online … we have some great debates about various issues! But listening to opposing views enables healthier discussion as everything has various aspects 🙂

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  10. Community is so important and it is something we can keep building on all the time. People need one another and we were born to live in communities. Being open to change and being inclusive is key; otherwise, we miss a lot and our experience is not one where we learn and grow and become our best selves.

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  11. Right now, this is my community. It is both diverse and a meeting of like mined people.
    It gives me a connection and also allows me to explore new things.
    The best place for finding friends.

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  12. Being involved in a community activity or group, is definitely good for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always been an active member /participant in whatever I am doing…. Friends are made, a sense of belonging is pleasing, and even when l was nearly full time caring, positive vibes of being among friends was very beneficial to me, and in turn, the community were very supportive of my situation…
    As for that new ‘Block’ editor by WP, it has not been designed for poets to construct poems… It seems to be slow and cumbersome… even to achieve a simple line-break between stanza’s requires a road map of navigation..
    Ivor 💙🍷

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