Research shows that having a connection, feeling a sense of community boosts our wellbeing and our immune system.  Had a recent online discussion about how to rebuild ‘communities’.

Geographical Locations

Several referred to the small ‘village’ type communities they experienced as children and claimed that geographical relocation had destroyed ‘communities’.  That competitiveness, accumulating and this individual sense of me, I mine also played a role.

Mutual Interests

With further thought although some link ‘community’ to a geographical space eg village, commune, etc I think it can be much broader than that. Many have come together recently to voice their qualms about climate change, Black Lives Matter, #metoo, and other topical issues that we feel passionate about.  These meetings of similar minds or connections from being similarly oppressed can evolve into a real sense of community in a much broader sense.


But I also think that with mutual respect and making others feel ‘included’ can also establish a closer sense of ‘community’ at our local library, writers group, sport or religious gatherings, or indeed any group we participate in.

Common Ground

Some really close moments I’ve shared have been at ecumenical meetings where genuine practitioners of various beliefs have joined to find common ground.  So ‘community’ could be better defined as like-minded people or those sharing a common experience connect to support each other. Where a warm smile and a sense of inclusion makes all feel welcomed and accepted.

What does ‘community’ mean to you? 
Are you currently involved with any ‘community?